Friday, 22 October 2010

Urgh again.

Still feeling rubbish today :-( I have finally given in and emailed my editor to ask for an extra day for my story that's due on Monday. I've done all the interviews, collated all the info and just need to sit down and write the thing and send it off for approval, but I can't think straight and I keep being interrupted by having to rush off to the bathroom. Let's hope the editor is understanding!

On a cheerful note, my mom popped in yesterday with a massive bunch of flowers for me - roses, lilies, gerberas, alstroemeria... In fact, the bunch is so massive I don't have a vase that fits it properly. When I was feeling a bit better yesterday, I planned to go out today and do the grocery shopping and look for a vase while I was at it, but all I actually want to do is sleep.

How awesome is my mom though? I love my flowers. I will attempt to photograph them this weekend, methinks.

Have a fab weekend, people. I will be back and hopefully in better spirits on Monday.


Momcat said...

Hope the lovely flowers cheer you up a lot. And stay far away from anything milky. Just drink lots of fluids. Dont get dehydrated. Soryy you have to work when you're feeling so grotty. Get better soon.

Forever Feline said...

Ah no it sucks feeling like that! Your mom sounds lovely and what a divine mix of blooms!
Got any lucozade? Take it easy xx

Hardspear said...

You're going to have to start to try some 'boere-rate' now.

Damaria Senne said...

sorry you're still sick. get better.

Hayley said...

Crappy...hate being sick! Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're still feeling ill. Sending healing energy!

Anonymous said...

hope you get better Tamara!

Flowers are so pretty- what are your favourite? mine are snap dragons and calla lilys- snap dragons because what could be more awesome than a flower that you can play with? and calla lillies for the name. Just rolls deliciously off the tongue doesn't it?

I'm going to go google some of the names of the flowers you mentioned. Awesome.

Helen said...

Can't you split them between a bunch of smaller vases and have flowers all over your house?

Hope ou're feeling better soon!