Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Awesomeness is...

  • Despicable Me. Hilarious! Steve Carell is much funnier as a cartoon. And I want me some minions. They are awesome. TSC was laughing so hard in the cinema I thought he was going to pee in his pants.
  • Tin Roof Cafe. This restaurant in Pretoria is beautifully decorated, the service is good and the food is AMAZING. We tested lots of it on Sun with the family for lunch. If you go, note that the map on the Food24 site is totally wrong. Best get directions from the helpful owner.
  • The fact that one of my (four) big deadlines is out of the way. It was the most stressful story I've done in a bit because the people I was interviewing messed me around so much. So glad that the only thing left to do on it is to invoice ;-)
  • Nescafe Alta Rica coffee. It's been off the shelves for a couple of months, but it's available again. Yay!
  • Flowers in my garden. Rose, iris, gazania, dianthus, calendula, vygie, gaura, osteospermum, pansy, clivia, scabiosa, hebe, jasmine, yesterday today and tomorrow, Carolina jasmine... they are all blooming at the moment and it makes my heart happy.
  • Twilight. Seriously. I got really sick of people telling me I had to read/see it, so after attempting a few pages and being put off by the six-adjectives-in-a-sentence style, I decided the movie might be easier. And TSC and I thought it was absolutely hilarious - the perfect Friday evening switch-your-brain-off rubbish. When he puts her on his back and runs up a tree... I thought I would die laughing. Ok, I know it's not meant to be funny, but how can you keep a straight face through Bella's heavy breathing (I'm convinced she's actually allergic to vampires).
  • The fact that this is my 499th post.
  • Ending on an even number of bullet points ;-)


Shayne said...

I'm loving the flowers in my garden right now (see my latest post) everything is alive since the little bit of rain we've had.

So need to see that Movie - everyone is talking about it.

As far as Twilight goes - so not getting the craze at all. Read the first book then got hideously bored.

Congrats on first big assignment being away the way - yay you!

Anonymous said...

Dude! Bella's heavy breathing put me off so completely that I only liked her in the movie- I think it's the third one- where she started breathing normally again. LOL I was on the floor with all of Edwards facial expressions (there are about three- painful, supposed-to-look-painful, and to the side so that you can think he is cute)

four big deadlines! Go Tamara!

Your garden probably smells so good and filled with colour.

499! What a lovely number... the next will be 500! Holla!

Hardspear said...

Your garden must smell delicious with the y,t&t + all the other flowers.

Ja, I also got the 1st Twilight movie the other day...
Boooooring! I have not the energy for the Teenage Angst/Vegetarian Vampire combo.
I can see that it would appeal to teenage girls though.
When I tell people I didn't like the movie, they keep on insisting that I read the book.

Thanks for giving me a heads-up. I cannot stand the 6-adjectives style. (that is why I generally do not read Afrikaans)

Tamara said...

Shayne: Would love some rain up this way! Ja, I don't get Twilight either. But I think it's hysterically funny, so at least I can appreciate it in some way, even if it's not how it was intended ;-)

Paula: Yip... he's funny too. I don't get why people think he's hot though. I loved his "brother's" facial expressions (Jasper? Is that right?) - he either looked nauseous or constipated the whole way through the movie. And yes, my garden looks and smells divine. I LOVE summer.

Hardspear: I'm with you - if it gets young girls reading, then that's great. It's no worse than the Sweet Valley crap I read when I was a teen. The only difference is the fangs and fur ;-)

Marika xoxo said...

I love the banner of ur blog!
Colourful and energetic!

Please follow my blog :)
and comments would make my day!!!

po said...

Well done, you deserve an award for watching Twitter. I'm impressed. I couldn't do it, but we were watching a dodgy illegal version so it made it worse.

Olivia said...

The books are so much better!

The girl playing Bella was the worst actress I have seen. For some strange reason I wanted to punch her whilst watching the film.

Books are good though

Sass said...

I love to watch Twilight while I'm doing laundry.

Mindless entertainment during a mindless activity.

And my husband and I wondered why they always looked like they were in such pain...


I've missed you, horribly. :)

pserean said...

i found the girl who acted as bella's spoof in 'vampires suck' did a better job.
(and she had the whole emotionless 'oh so exhilirating, can someone please resusc me before i get embalmed on sight' expression down pat....)

that being said- give vampires suck a duck:)

Tamara said...

Marika: Thanks ;-)

Po: See, that probably would have made it even funnier for me!

Olivia: I don't think you're alone in that feeling. But I disagree on the books... couldn't make it further than about five pages.

Sass: Hello, stranger! Long time. Thought you'd quit blogging? They do look like they're in pain. I'm sure it's an allergic recation to each other ;-)

pserean: Ja, TSC is keen to see the spoof, but I'm not quite sure I could sit through that.