Thursday, 21 October 2010


I have spent the last day and a half between bed and bathroom with a horrible gastro bug. This is the second time this year! At least it's taught me something - if we ever redesign our bathroom, it should be so that I can sit on the loo and throw up into the basin or bath at the same time.

Sorry for that charming mental picture.

My cats and my husband have been wonderful. TSC has sorted himself out for food (me standing in the middle of the kitchen bent over, trying to control my gag reflex was probably some indication that I was not up to the task of cooking), done the pharmacy run for me, fed me dry crackers and Lucozade (the only things I've been able to keep down), undertaken all chores and generally been an absolute sweetheart. I don't like being crowded when I'm sick, so although his instinct is to cuddle me, he's learnt to give me space.

My cats, the darlings, plonked themselves on each side of me on the bed and put up with my feverish tossing and turning, taking turns to follow me to the bathroom each and every time I got up. They seemed to know I needed their furry distraction, although Sapphire did take it too far at one stage.

I had just showered and washed my hair (not by choice - it had puke in it. Lovely) and ventured into my office to check emails (I have a big story deadline coming up and I was waiting for some responses from interviewees). I suddenly felt very hot and dizzy, so I lay down on the carpet. I still had my towel on my head and Sapphire thinks that all towels are hers, so when I lay down, she promptly climbed onto the towel, on my head, and happily starting kneading away and purring. She wasn't even fussed by the strange noises I was making - somewhere between a moan, a gag and an attempt at a giggle.

Today I'm feeling a bit better. Thank you Lucozade and Petrolyte (an amazing concoction, that besides tasting and looking like banana-flavoured cement mix, worked wonders for my stomach). My stomach is still bloated, aching and generally unhappy, but at least projectile activities have ceased from the various orifices. The fever comes and goes, but the nausea is much improved.

The caffeine from two glasses of Lucozade has given me more of a buzz than my usual morning coffee, and although the head is fuzzy and the body sore, this self-employed chick has got to get back to work, so off I go.

But I thought seeing I've probably grossed you out with this post, I'd leave you with something from my inbox to make you smile:


Anonymous said...

I'm about to be a tad truthful too: but I am always grateful that the basin is near to the toilet. You wouldn't believe how useful it is when me and Kim go to "The Doors" - there HAS to be something in those drinks.

I'm glad you're better though. XD That comic is SO funny :D

Damaria Senneh said...

sorry to hear you're sick. I was in that boat very recently ( though I think you describe the projectile condition much more eloquently:-) Get better soon. And sorry you can't take a break due to illness. that'sthe down side of being elf-employed.

dbawiw said...

Oi vey dude, what an utterly awful 36 hours. I am glad you are feeling a little more peppy today. Your cats must feel so proud of themselves for deigning to help their human slave during her time of need.

haha, great cartoon.

Hardspear said...

to top it all - a gastro bug leaves you listless and weak for a few days after the acute symptoms faded.

Ruby said...

Shame lady! That's awful:/ To be honest i've never had ever...and I hope it stays that way...sounds horrific:( *hugs* glad you're feeling slighlty better today:)

Po said...

Noooooo you poor thing! Everyone I know is sick at the mo. Much sympathies to all.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there was some sort of bug going around recently. I know way to many people who've shared you sentiments :)

I'm glad you're feeling better. Seems being self-employed has its pros and cons in one go. You get to stay home when you feel sick, but you don't have anyone who can pick up your work for you when you'd rather curl into a corner and hide.

Slyde said...

ouch... one of the joys of being a man is that i can honestly say ive never had puke in my hair..

hope you feel better!

Mellisoo said...

Some Overshare (sorry) - I find keeping a spare bin close by comes in handy (I have many food allergies - so can definately feel your pain here)

On another note: I hope you feel better soon. The bug doing the rounds is not pleasant!

Anonymous said...

Ag shame man! I HATE getting sick like that. I'd rather have the flu or something. For reals.

I hope that you're back to your old self very soon!

Helen said...

speaking of the Doors, has anyone else noticed that it seems to be Happy Hour for about 6 straight hours on a saturday night? It's ridiculous!

I hope you feel better soon, gastro is the worst! at east with regular flu and that sort of thing you can still function, but feeling nauseous is the worst thing ever. I find that marmite helps. and peppermints.

Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Shame Tamara, that's awful! I always stock a bit of rosehip tea...stops it in about an hour.

I'm glad your hubby and your cats have been looking after you nicely.