Thursday, 5 August 2010

Photo post

A couple of snaps from the past while...

The magnificent cupcakes Angel baked for her own wedding. Super yummy! My favourites are the ones with cream cheese icing.

The fabulous table decor at Angel and Glugster's wedding...

My brand new boots - an early piece of my birthday present from TSC that we picked up at the Meltz sale yesterday evening. I love them!

One of the things I LOVE about working at home... my two cats keeping me company in my study. It's very tempting though to lie down in the sunshine with them!

My Gran with some of the cupcakes I made for her belated 80th birthday lunch with the family.


Shayne said...

Oh yum.

I am seriously craving chocolate cake at the mo but am too lazy to bake. who wants to bake for fun when I do it for money??

stunning boots - now we'd like a pic of you in them.

As for the cats - my little Tash follows the sun around the house, quite sweet!

Anonymous said...

awwww so lovely to work in a sunny study with cats, I would love to work from home, going to try do that in the next phase of my life, maybe 2 years from now :)

Cam said...

Dang those cupcakes look good...and sleeping in the sun, dang that looks good too.

Damaria Senne said...

Boy, it looks like Angel can really bake. Like your sunny office space.

Hardspear said...

Well, those cupcakes certainly tasted as good as they look!
re: your last commment on my blog... TSC is also someone I know I would get along with really well. I really enjoyed chatting with him (despite him being an engineer!)
About the braai - you got yourself a date. I'll do the sosaties, TSC can braai, Lamb can do a salad and a side and you.... the pudding! The de la Azotea family are all sick however, so I'll propose September when it is a bit warmer.

dbawiw said...

I wanna be your cats.
How am I doing?