Thursday, 26 August 2010

Yet another catch-up post

Where does time go? It whooshes past at great speed these days and leaves me a bit dizzy.

In the past while, here's what I've been up to:
  • Celebrated my birthday with dinner at Hedwig's restaurant. The food was amazing and the view spectacular. The service was sadly not so great. And neither is the loooong dirt road you have to navigate to get there. But I had a great evening with the family.
  • Got spoiled by the family. Money and garden vouchers have allowed me to dress my lawn and acquire some beautiful succulent plants to adorn the new braai area. My AWESOME new camera (Nikon D3000) from my folks has kept me busy in the few spare moments I have as I try to figure out how it works (very different to my old manual SLR and my little compact digital camera). I will start posting pics once I start taking decent ones ;-)
  • Went to rugby for the whole bloody Saturday. Seriously, we got to the stadium just after 1pm and the game only started at 5pm. And the Boks lost! But it was awesome to be inside FNB Stadium (if that is what Soccer City is now called. I can't keep up with all the name changes) and I enjoyed the game for the most part. Ran into Jeanette on the bus, which was a cool surprise.
  • Recorded my granddad's life story to write his memoirs. I still need more info, but I got a lot from him on Sun and Mon. Such a rich story!
  • Did Sunday lunch with the family. Will miss that so much when my folks move back to KZN next year.
  • Wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote for this ghostwriting project.
  • Had various client / prospective client meetings. Some were very interesting, some were less so.
  • Started serious prep for our Casino Royale themed formal dress games night joint birthday celebration thingey this Sat (if you're in Jhb and want to come along, mail me at doodlesofajourno at gmail dot com. Would love to see some of you lot IRL).
  • Got my bum into gear and finally started doing all the admin I've been avoiding (switching ADSL providers, getting our own PO Box (been using my folks' one for ages), letting all the relevant people know our postal address has changed, getting business cards set up etc. Not fun, but a great sense of accomplishment when it's all done.
  • Started planning all of TSC's bday surprises (his bday is 7 Sept). Now that's good fun ;-)
Today I'm at home all day, thankfully. I'm hoping to get lots of work done while our tiler finishes up the last snags outside and puts up the natural stone around our fireplace. Then we really are done with the home project for now.

What are all you fabulous people up to?


Cam said...

Maybe, you're in a dream Tam...where time is passing, faster rather than slower? :)

Glad you had a good Birthday.

Helen said...

Wow, sounds busy!

I'm still trying to figure out which city I'll be in as of tomorow night.... i'm hoping to find out soon!

damaria senne said...

sounds hectic. Glad you enjoyed your birthday celebration with family.

Hardspear said...

happy birthday belatedly. One spend too much time on work-admin that you neglect personal admin.

dbawiw said...

Good god, you have area a busy, constructive young person. I've spent a lot of time lying down, recently. Lyin' on the couch, lyin' on the bed...yep, lotsa lyin'.

dbawiw said...

or even, you ARE a busy, constructive young person.

po said...

I hope one day to read a version of your grandad's memoirs.

Forever Feline said...

Thanks for sharing the link... we went to Hegwig's on Sunday (yesterday)

Slyde said...

happy birthday a few days late!

p.s. did you take me off your blogroll? did we have our first fight and i didnt notice? you wound me, dear.....

Globus said...

happy belated many returns and all that. and thanks for making globus feel guilty about the overlooked mountain of life admin - next on the list to tackle!

Lipgloss said...

jussis, I worked up a sweat reading that post! um, that sounds weird but I am just trying to say:

Gee whiz but you are a busy chick! :-)

Angel said...

I forgot to say I LOVE the stone around the fireplace!!