Thursday, 19 August 2010


It's my birthday tomorrow. It feels like it sort of sneaked up on me this year. I can't believe it's already near the end of August! I'll be celebrating tomorrow evening at dinner with my parents, brother, TSC and my grandparents (who are here in Gauteng for this weekend's rugby). Will be fun!

The ghostwriting is going well. I am busy with chapter seven (of 10) and enjoying it, although it really does take up SO MUCH time. It's worked out well - TSC is busy with loads of tests now that class has resumed at UJ, so while he studies at night, I work. The trick is to find the time to unwind before bed, or we both can't sleep because we're still thinking about hydrology (in his case) or whether the last paragraph made sense (in my case).

I have a question about blog protocol (and please bear in mind that this is not specifically related to any particular blogger or post - it's something that I often wonder about)... How does one handle protected posts (you know, when a WordPress blogger writes a post that requires a password to read it)? I read quite a few bloggers who occasionally make use of protected posts, and I'm never sure what to do. Do you wait for the person to email you the password? And if they don't, do you assume you were never intended to read the post? Or do you email the blogger and ask for the password. Or is that pushy? And does it put the other person in a difficult spot if they don't want to give you the password?

Internet etiquette is complex!

Thought I'd leave you with this. Made me smile (pics from Inception):


Damaria Senne said...

Blogger protocol - that's a tough one. In general I would probably not ask the blogger for the password, because usually, a few bloggers I read who occassionally protect a post send an email giving out the password. If they didn't send me one, I would asssume that the post was not intended for me.
The exception would be bloggers I feel comfortable enough with as an individual. Maybe we met; or connected outstide the blogosphere, or we've chatted about uncomfortable subjects. Like you Tam. I'd definitely email you to as "what's up?".

Tara said...

Oh that is a tough one. I always assume that if I didn't get a password, I wasn't one of the people meant to read it. I'm always curious, but it's the author's choice.

If you know the blogger really well and you didn't get a password...well you could send a message checking that all was ok and let them know that if there was anything they wanted advice on they can just let you know.

I think some people use certain posts to vent and it's not for public consumption.

Oh and pssst...HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TOMORROW!!! Have a fabulous day!

Anonymous said...

hey :)

I get annoyed with password protected posts as I like to know everything and it bugs me that I can't read something about someone who's blog I follow religiously (Angel, exmi, sheebee to name a few who had recent password protected posts that I couldnt read)
I read everything anonymously and dont have a blog so they wont know I follow their lives etc so if I asked for a password i dont think I'd get it :P

But I think why put it on your blog and not email it to the people that you want to read it, it kinda annoys me.

If I were you I wouldnt ask for the password coz I think they give it out to the ppl they want to read it, then just make other people jealous they can't read it.

Hope you have an awesome day tomorrow.

Ruby said...

Hey lady:)

I think if it's someone you know quite well blog wise then you're more than welcome to e-mail them and ask. In my opinion...

Hardspear said...

I was wondering the exact same thing.

Shania said...

I asked that same question a year or so ago and I still don't know the answer. I've just started ignoring them.

I hope you have a lovely birthday!

Hayley said... the inception thing...oh my funny!!!

Hope you have an amazingly awesome day tomorrow!!!!!

Tickled Pink said...

Happy happy for tomorrow! Hmm.... not sure about the password thing..

po said...

Gosh. I never ask for passwords but I think my thing would be to email them and ask if it is just for them or if they are happy to give out a password.

Anonymous said...

I use protected posts now and then, but the only person I don't want to read them is really my mother. :-P

I think you already know the password? It's always the same one. CAPS of the category the password posts are listed in, easy to remember. ;-)

One day she's going to break my "code" and then I'll have a little situation on my hands.

Cam said...


Hope you have an awesome day!


Sid said...

happy birthday. Love the inception pics =)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Those slippies look awesome- does the memory foam actually work? LOL about the being woken up but still SO cute

awesome before and after.

I don't know about the password thing. I don't get why someone would do that. I suppose where is the harm in mailing and asking for permission? I mean that why you never wonder. Yes, it's a tad frightening and yet all at once resolves everything.

pserean said...

the inception spoof was classic!:)

(as for password protected need to sidle up very charmingly- metaphorically speaking- and ask without being...too invasive, ..and leave a graceful exit for yourself, just in case!!!!

eg. if its really personal, i completely understand- i dont want to encroach, after all, or make you uncomfortable...

well.more graceful than that but u get the pic:)

Tamara said...

Paula: It works wonderfully! Feels like walking on marshmallows.

Angel said...

I think that if you read and comment on someone's blog regularly, its okay to send an email and ask for the password to a protected post. If I do a protected post, I will give the password to just about everyone who asks if I "know" who they are.