Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tuesday thoughts

  • It feels like a Monday.
  • I forgot that I have a big meeting this afternoon in Alrode South. I better get out my map book (haha... whatever. Thank goodness for Gloria, my GPS).
  • Easter eggs get better every year. This year my mom managed to find ones with orange creme centres, my favourites.
  • I don't get the fuss about Alice in Wonderland. How to Tame Your Dragon, on the other hand, now that's a fab movie.
  • The weekend was good. I got to see some awesome people (Angel, Glugs, Phillygirl and Louisa) and meet a new addition to the crew (beautiful little Nicola, Louisa's baby girl).
  • My family are awesome, albeit loony. See exhibit A (my brother) below.

  • My pics of my chocolate-making ventures were not brilliant (see exhibit B below)

  • The Pantry-Cleaning Moth Apocolypse Mission yesterday was draining. We still have to put the shelves back up and pack everything back in. Joy.
  • 4-day weekends are the best thing ever.
  • I still feel the urge to have an even number of bullet points.


Anonymous said...

I love bulllet point posts. Lovely. Hmmm... what to say? Your picture still made me crave some more chocolate. I am having a chocolate oorlei. Yhooooooor.

Helen said...

even-numbered comments too?

po said...

Glad you enjoyed the dragon movie. Toothless still makes me smile.

25BAR said...

Have a good one!

Louisa said...

It was great seeing you again too! :-)

Damaria Senne said...

You got me! For a moment there when you mentioned Alrode South and a map book I was thinking "Oh no! Why would Tam torture herself like that." GPS is my friend:-)

Anonymous said...

I bought a box of cheapie easter eggs...they were SO GOOD. :) I don't like marshmellows under normal circumstances but easter eggs...oh yummy.

Also, I'm glad my relaxing technique worked for you! I've gone as far as sitting down in my seat. :)