Monday, 12 April 2010

Weekend catch-up

Hello fabulous people.

It's day 14 of the headache. This is getting ridiculous. I think I may have to actually visit some sort of medical professional now. I can't keep pretending it will go away.

Other than the aching head, things are good. TSC and I had fun at the chocolate-making course this weekend. Pics below. I'm so glad I have a man that's secure enough in his masculinity to come along to women-dominated events like this. But he's as much of a chocoholic as I am, so that may also have had something to do with it.

TSC having (messy) fun painting the moulds with melted chocolate to make filled choccies

Adding the finishing touches to chocolate-dipped Pistachio Turkish Delight. Yum!

The results...
We also had two dinners with two different sets of friends, which was great fun, saw my mom and gran for Saturday lunch before my gran headed back to Mpumalanga, shopped for my grand-dad's 84th birthday present and saw my mom again for lunch on Sun to hand over the presents so she can take them down to Natal next weekend. I even got some work done somewhere in between and TSC watched some rugby.
It was a good and busy weekend although it felt too short. The public holidays in April leave us a bit spoilt and the two-day weekend seemed inadequate, especially for TSC who headed back to varsity today with a barrage of tests and exams lying ahead.
But after that he gets six weeks of holiday, so I must admit that my sympathy levels are not the highest ;-)
Have a good one.


Shayne said...

Oh my word those choccies look delish! Yummy.

And yes, time to seek medical advice me thinks. I'm surprised you've lasted this long.

Cam said...

Sounds like a busy, yet good, weekend!

Choccie making post Easter, hmmmmm?

Damaria Senne said...

Chocolate looks delish. Glad you had a nice busy weekend.

Shania said...

Get yourself to a doctor! I hope all is well and it's just allergies. (I know it's not spring there, humor me)

phillygirl said...

wow, those look delish!

Haha, my word verification is: dotti!!

DBAWIW said...

A 14-day headache...are you mad,woman? That is unspeakably awful. Get thee to a doctor!

po said...

It is so cool that TSC comes with you on those things, not many men would, what a sweetie :)

Hmmm, after 14 days, maybe you should go speak to someone.

Helen said...

Oh wow, maybe a doctor is a good plan! And those chocolates look beautiful!

Have a great week!

Louisa said...

Those choccies look devine! Yumm...Tamara, day 14 of a headache?! Are you kidding me - go to the doctor at once!

Anonymous said...

I second and third and fourth the go to the doctor root.

OOOOOh I just got a sugar craving. :D