Thursday, 15 April 2010

Try this trick and spin it, yeah...

And you'll ask yourself, where is my mind?

Seriously. It's gone. My mind, that is. Or was. Or whatever.

Last night I dreamt that I poisoned myself. Not a suicide dream - there was actually some purpose or reason that I had to poison myself, Romeo and Juliet style. Can't remember why, but it all made sense in the dream. Then, in another dream, I was in a play about pirates and policemen. My bit was to storm on stage wearing an eye patch, bang my tin mug on the table and storm off again. I was awesome. You would have cheered and clapped for me.

So, Pixies, where is my mind?

Not on this blog yesterday, obviously, or there would've been a 14 April 2010 post here. There's not. And this is because I could not think in a straight line (or even a curved line. Or dotted line), simply because I had not had enough sleep.

This was not because of bizarre dreams (although there were some), but because I knew I had to get up early to be dressed and ready to leave for a business networking breakfast that started at 7am. When I know I have to get up early, my brain wakes me up every 10 minutes just to make sure that I don't oversleep. Which I didn't. In fact, I just plain didn't sleep, nevermind oversleep.

But, I am back today, lucky you, in all my magic randonmess to tell you about my crazy poisoning dreams and leave you with these interesting thoughts from the inimitable Edward Monkton:


Cam said...

Welcome Back! :D

Monkton rocks.

Anonymous said...

I totally get the whole, waking up every 10 mins thing. It happens to me too. Have to get up early to drive somewhere? OK! You only get to sleep in 10 minute increments. So much fun. Oh and as an added bonus you'll dream about everything that could go wrong in those 10 minute blocks. Damn imagination!
Oh and you should check out Vimrod too ( more cute pictures!
Hope you get to sleep tonight

Damaria Senne said...

love the "follow your heart" cartoon. Nice. Glad your brain is back. Mine is still on walkabout:-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome song lyrics as blog titles + a lot of awesomeness. :)

Forever Feline said...

Damn I do that too when I know I absolutely must be up early. Hows your headache? Thought maybe the dreams were your brains way of saying "hey I'm here give me attention I'm sore" :)

Shayne said...

I have the most weird and wonderful dreams nightly - who knows why??

How is the headache btw?

Slyde said...

ive certainly had some crazy dreams in my time, but ive never been so silly as to posion myself in them!

How could you be so careless!

Anonymous said...

ahhh the pixies. I have SO many memories with that song.

I hate it when that happens. The waking up thing but for me it starts at three o'clock. Its SO lame. Or when you wake up like one minute before the alarm. You feel great and refreshed and then the alarm goes off and suddenly you're sleep again.

I love dreaming. I had a mini nightmare last night. Like it wasn't scary- it was just my thoughts compiled and re-created to certain outcomes and so there was that one errant thought that scares me a bit but not in a real like life sense.

Edward Monkton is quite rad. Thank you for the introduction

Helen said...

I LOVE Edward Monkton! I got a card of him once from sarah-in-japan (who was not in Japan at the time), it was all about how cake is oyur friend, but you should eat cake, and not eat your friends ;)

Anonymous said...

Waha- love the ninja biscuits!
I've also been having funny dreams- which is odd since I never remember them!