Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Song lyrics gone wrong

You know that Alanis Morissette song You've Already Won Me Over? The lyrics go," You've already won me over in spite of me, so don't be alarmed if I fall head over heels..."

Well, my brother used to sing along at the top of his lungs with the lyrics, "You've already RUN me over in spite of me, I was alarmed and I fell head over heels..." he was convinced that those where the right words.

And TSC has a habit of making up his own lyrics as he sings along, seeing he can never remember the real ones. And then there was the time my mother made me turn off the radio when Counting Crow's where singing Big Yellow Taxi. They sang, "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot," and my mother thought they were saying," they paved paradise and put up a f***ing lot." What she thought that was, I have no idea.

She also took great offence at the song "Pumping on your Stereo" by Supergrass, which she thought was "humping on your stereo".

But none of those quite match up to the collection of misheard lyrics at www.kissthisguy.com, which include:

  • "Let's pee in the corner. Let's pee on the spotlight," instead of "That's me in the corner, That's me in the spotlight" from R.E.M.'s Losing My Religion
  • "My anus is the centre hole," instead of, "My angel is a centerfold" from Centrefold by the J Geils Band
  • "The algebra has a devil for a sidekick eeeeeee," instead of, "Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me" from Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody
  • "Might as well face it; you're a d*ck with a glove," instead of "Might as well face it; you're addicted to love," from Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer. The person says she thought it was a funny song about Michael Jackson
  • "We built this city on the wrong damn road," instead of , "We built this city on rock and roll," from We Built this City by Starship

Got any misheard lyrics you'd like to share?


Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

Live: Dolphins Cry
"These crazy folks arouse me"
as opposed to the actaul "This crazy fog surrounds me".


Kitty Cat said...

Ha ha, very funny, and I also misheard that Yellow Taxi song. I thought they said "They PAID paradise and put up a parking lot." Now I know.

Anonymous said...

This post was awesome! The song I got "wrong" was Complicated by Avril Lavigne. In the beginning of the song, I thought she said, "hello, hello" but it turns out it's actually "uh huh"... oops!

Anonymous said...

This post was awesome! The song I got "wrong" was Complicated by Avril Lavigne. In the beginning of the song, I thought she said, "hello, hello" but it turns out it's actually "uh huh"... oops!

Arkwife said...

Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! That was hysterical.

I used to think that FOB sang: "We're going down, down on a merry-go-round" instead of "We're going down, down in an earlier round" in We're going down. But then, no-one knew what they were singing, so I wasn't the only one :-)

Anonymous said...

I have a tendancy to get lyrics wrong all the time. I'm reminded of that often by my friend.

The song is "Head Over Feet" not "You've Already Won Me Over" though. :) (Please don't hate me!)

Anonymous said...

BWAhAHAHA at your mom!!!!!!!!!! That is brilliant!

Gill said...

Love this post! You had my whole family laughing :-)

po said...

I also used to think it was:

"CAn you hear us humping on your stereo"

Which used to freak me out, I mean, eeeuw.

But these days what with lady lumps and all, it is not so bad any more.

Sass said...

The Steve Miller Band:
Jet Airliner.

I always thought it was, "Big Old Jed had a light on."

Yeah. You made me giggle outloud today, my friend! Yay you!

31337 said...


i am quite fanatical about lyrics, mobile web and google...do not be caught flat footed.

now i go catch my breath from laughing so hard.

Moe Wanchuk said...

A girl I grew up with would always sing the Jimmy Hendrix song.....Foxy Lady


Tamara said...

Saleeha: LOL - so that's what the words are. Always mumbled that bit coz I was never sure what they were saying.

Kitty Cat: Now you know ;-)

Reederscorner: Hehehe... we all mishear at some point. I too thought she was saying "hello".

Arkwife: Teehee... that's a funny picture.

Perfectlycursedlife: Haha - well I've learnt something too. That's what the lyrics website said the song was called. Teach me not to trust the internets!

Harassed: Yep - my mom's classic.

Gill: Good to hear that I could be of use!

Po: I know! I hate that lady lumps song.

Sass: I think that's quite a common mistake, actually.

31337: Really? I find my own version of the actual lyrics so much more entertaining ;-)

Moe: That's kinda cute.

boldly benny said...

Ha ha, I always make up my own version I really enjoy it!