Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Aha! I just found my camera cable

Which means you all have to suffer through a photo update!

Here's Sapphire, in the crate I was trying to pack. Typical cat ;-)

Marble, also getting in on the action:

Some of our boxes, stacked in our old flat's dining area:

Me, trying to keep things light and fun, among the boxes in my fairy wings in the old apartment:

And, lastly, my beautiful new garden that I am totally and utterly in love with:

Pics of the house itself to follow, once the boxes have been unpacked. We're getting there. You can actually see the floor now.


The Jackson Files said...

Wowie!!!!! That garden is GORGEOUS. You must be so happy to finally be in there.

Anonymous said...

Hey there...

I like the place tho... it has potential. Feel kinda arb tho commenting and not really knowing the history... but you know... commenter is and commenter does (everyone is entitled to my opinion and all). The garden is grand... that birdbath was rather randomly placed tho?!

Thanks for your comment; I'll spam you too :D

momcat said...

Cats just love boxes and cupboards. I'm sure they're just loving the new garden too!

Kitty Cat said...

Wow, lovely garden! Do you like to garden?
Love the pics of the cats, so utterly typical! And you are too cute with your wings and antennae!

po said...

Love the fairy packing boxes!

Your garden looks amazing.

Susan said...

Packing is hell. May you be settled and flipping the remote in serenity soon.

Slyde said...

would you beleive that i have those same set of fairy wings?

Moe Wanchuk said...

That backyard is TREMENDOUS. I'm jealous seeing green grass and flowers again. It's freezing cold and snowing here. :(

Tamara said...

TJF: Yup. It's like sunshine after the rain ;-)

Paula: Feel free to comment. The birdbath is actually a birdfeeder. It does look really random, I agree. But the birds are lving it. There's even a little robin that's built her nest in the hedge. I feel like I'm living in a Beatrix Potter book. Just waiting for rabbits in jackets to appear!

Momcat: They were. Until they got caught between a tree and the automated sprinker system. Hehehehe... now they're a little more cautious.

Kitty: I LOVE to graden. There's a lot I need to learn (like how to prune roses), but I'm so looking forward to it. I've got a veggie garden too.

Po: Sigh... even my fairy wings are not helping me in my current state of "I'm so sick of unpacking, I feel like I've been doing this forever". At least the house is starting to look more like a home and less like a dump site.

Susan: From your lips to God's ears!

Slyde: Yes. With you, I believe anything ;-)

Moe: I'm sure TSC would love to trade you our sunshine for your snow - he's never seen snow before.

Caz said...

how weird - the pic of your cat in the kitchen..that could TOTALLY be my kitchen!! SOOOO weird, we have the same cherry wood cupboards and hob vibe.
if i remember i'll take a pic tonight. it is SO similar!

Tamara said...

Caz: That truly is weird. Please do take a pic! My new kitchen is very different, though.

Being Brazen said...

I love your garden

angel said...

your new garden is gawjiss- and the cats are just so beautiful!