Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Was it something I said?

Where did you all go? Seriously. Am I talking (writing) to myself?

Don't reduce me to begging you for comment love. Please.

I'll try to be more interesting, promise. I'll write about sex, drugs and rock n roll. No, I won't actually. I'll continue writing about my cats, my work and other (apparently not very) scintillating aspects of my life. Whether you comment or not.

But comments would be lovely.


Shayne said...

I'm here *frantically waving to catch your attention*

Don't go please!

I haven't been around this last week as my wireless was completely **** but it seems to be behaving again.

So i'm back !

Anonymous said...

My brain is fried. Work+study+exams+abundofotherstuff = brain on holiday :) But I am still here...still reading!

Anonymous said...

It's because I'm READING. I'm a reader Tamara, you know that.

Excuses, excuses.

Honestly its the seething writhing jealousy at your ninja-picture taking skills.

Guess what. I'm like totally becoming like an airhead. Having brains, I realised, is TOTALLY like over-rated like. For real.

When I start a blog again. if I do. I'll tell you all about this life changing discovery and make over.

Which reminds me. please remove my old blog link off your side bar, as I am now blogless in blogland.

Also, like, I'm like... SO like... yeah.

But here's something I'd like for you to blog about... um.

How about what's in your bag.

Or a photo an hour about your day.

Or a house tour.

Or a themed party prep list. You know stuff you already do and like but you always just tell us about. Show and tell.

I like that. show and tell. hmmmmmm.

Like the restaurants, pics of the food and stuff.

Just like for a bit of difference.

Also, I'm bored of not being able to re-design my blog (not having one and all.) May I offer my designing skills to you? At no cost, except you know, um... a favour maybe one day. it'll probably be something like a guest post. Or a free alice band. I like your alice bands. Whatever, I'm actually just liking the whole idea of designing for the sake of designing.

Oh, there's another idea - guest posts!!! Like make it themed... something like... "Favourite song with a memory". And someone from one of the blogs you read, writes it. It'll totally make your blog readers grow as well as help with your lack of blog writing days.

Hmmm... I'm babbling aren't I? *shrugs* Habits of an Airhead. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

(PS I'm probably gunna call my blog that_ if / when I make one)

Tamara said...

Shayne: Hehehe... I am not going anywhere. Promise. It's just more fun blogging when the people in my PC talk back :-)

Cestlavietlb: I'm impressed that you are still reading. I'd be sleeping standing up.

Paula: PLEASE, PLEASE will you design me a new header. This one is not very me anymore. I'd like something plain, not so bright and less... young. Does that make sense? Not that I want something old. I will happily swap you a header for an alice band or two or three.

I will get to your blog link at some point. I've left ot there in the hope that you were kidding and that you would return to blogging :-( My blogroll is very out of date though. I will fix it when I find 10 min. Or a bit longer. I'm technologically challenged when it comes to things like that. They take me ages.

Slyde said...

Did someone just say 'sex'?

cat said...

Gosh, I have been totally busy and neglecting all my blogfriends.

Hayley said...

I am here :-)

I read most blogs on my phone...and sometimes it doesnt allow me to comment...but I am here :-)

Tamara said...

Slyde: I knew that would draw a comment from you.

Cat: t's that time of the year unfortunately... busy, busy, busy.

Hayley: Yay that you're still here and thanks for goign through the admin of posting a comment - I really appreciate it.

Damaria Senne said...

Of course we still love you:-)
I've just been so frantically busy with a freelance project and getting ready to publish an ebook. As a result I haven't been as faithful about checking friends' blogs.

Fiona said...

I've just stumbled across your blog so here's my first comment :)

po said...

I am a terrible blogger, been reading in my lunch break but not commenting. So bad, big sorries.

Being Brazen said...

hehehe...yes, i find when i leave bloogging just a bit I have hardly any readers (which has been happening lately too) Trying to get back into it


Being Brazen said...

Ps - by readers i mean commenting readers ;)

Helen said...

I was in the desert... but I am all caught up now!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gill said...

I'm still around, slowly getting back into the blogging thing!

Tamara said...

Damaria: Totally understandable - you've been super busy and productive!

Fiona: Hi! Thank you :-) Hope you'll come back.

Po: No prob - the comments are just the only way of knowing whether any of you are still out there.

Brazen: That's the thing - I love the comments because they connect me to readers.

Helen: You are excused ;-)

Gill: You've been away awhile. Lots of lost time to make up for ;-)

Jenty said...

I'm here :) as always... just swamped so not commenting all that much

Tamara said...

Hey Jenty. Thanks for taking the time to comment :-)

Louisa said...

I'm still here! Just waaaaay behind on commenting.

Angel said...

LOL, it was funny to read this post when I'd been playing catch-up on my back-log!