Friday, 23 September 2011


  • There are a lot of birthdays in September. All the New Years' babies... Flip. You're bankrupting me, people!
  • We have a charity ball tonight. I can't wait. It's themed too. I love dressing up! Must remember to take my camera.
  • It's a busy weekend. We also have a friend's 30th bday bash tomorrow (the third this month) and then our church small group is refurbishing a room at the children's home we support on Sunday. Plus it's the Singapore F1 Grand Prix.
  • I am tired. It's been a crappy week. I had a client who misbehaved rather badly and it totally threw me. I tend to work with people who share the same ethics as me, so when I come across someone who doesn't seem to care about morals, it always shocks me. Thankfully it doesn't happen very often. And this person is now out of my life.
  • Situations like the one I've just mentioned combined with a general feeling of being on the brink of burnout have made me question what I'm doing for a living. With the amount of crap I've put up with this week, I might as well have been a plumber. It definitely pays better. Thankfully there are good people out there too. I enjoy working with them and they appreciate my work, so I've been reminded that aside from the odd imbecile I'll encounter, I generally do like freelancing. I even love it sometimes. So it's ok if I have days of hating it once in a blue moon. It's normal.
  • The things that are making me smile at the moment are spring-time weather and gardens; my cats (we've discovered how entertaining it is to let them chase BB-gun bullets around the house... hilarious); the weavers that have built their nests in my silver birches to house their little chicks; delicious light summery food and having TSC home this week when I was expecting him to be away at the mine.
What's up in your world?


Momcat said...

Your weekend plans sound like they were great fun. And I hope this week turns out a lot better than last week. Kitties are funny - don't know what we would do without them.

cat said...

You had great plans! Ours was filled with the twins' birthday celebrations.

Helen said...

It's end-of-year-blues season and the burnout approaches!

I think plumbers get paid well because otherwise nobody would do it. That said I know a plumber and he's pretty well adjusted...

Just keep swimming, December is on its way!

Tamara said...

Helen: Now I have "Just keep swimming" in my head. Thanks ;-P

Louisa said...

I'm glad that you managed to cut a viper out of your life. I don't like dealing with people like that either.

I am having a super fabulous week, except for no sleep last night and potty training square offs with Nicola's teacher.

Other than that - just peachy.

Angel said...

I hear you. I have the odd customer who makes me want to pack it in altogether, but for the most part I like what I do and I have satisfied customers.