Monday, 19 September 2011

Perfect weekend

This weekend was one of those rare occasions where we managed the perfect blend of socialising and chilling. We haven't had a non-frantic weekend in months, so we really enjoyed it.

Supper Club was at our house on Friday night and I made a few things from one of Jamie's 30-Minute Meals menus, expressly ignoring his advice to not mix and match menus, and then put together a few of my own creations.

We had Woolies' spicy nachos as a snack, with homemade guacamole. Then supper was Jamie's spinach and feta phyllo pie, with pesto tamato salad and a cucumber and mint salad. I made a chicken tray bake with honey, thyme and lemon juice (I love having fresh herbs and lemons from the garden to play with). Desserts were mint milkshakes with whipped cream and sprinkles. Yum.

I do think I used almost every piece of crockery and cutlery in the kitchen though. And my dishwasher is stll broken (six weeks now!), so when Louisa and Nicola arrived for coffee the next day, Louisa was forced to eat her words after she'd refused to believe that my house looked like a bomb had hit it.

We took our coffee and muffins outside and spent a lovely morning enjoying the fresh air and the sun, once it had decided to grace us with its presence. We chatted for ages and I just loved the chance to catch up with Louisa and see Nicola so happy. If ever I become a mother, I want to be a Louisa kind of mom - the lie-down-on-the-grass-and-tickle-your-kid-till-you're-both-out-of-breath kind of mom.

When TSC arrived back from racing his concrete boat across Germiston Lake (varsity assignment), he watched the rugby he'd recorded and I planted my bulbs and napped.

Later on, we headed through to Cresta, where I got to spend my very generous birthday LaSenza voucher from Ruby. Thanks again, lady! We had a pretty good dinner at Founders Grill and shared a creme brulee (I hear the Hallelujah chorus when I think of it) for pudding.

Then it was off to see Crazy, Stupid, Love at the movies. I wasn't expecting much, but we both loved it! It's the best romcom I've seen in ages. It started off pretty slowly, but by the time it got to the height of the comedy, I was in stitches. Great casting, really.

Sunday started with a pilates class, which always makes me feel like I'm at peace with the day. Then we decided to have brunch somewhere outside where we could enjoy the spring weather, so we headed to De Ouwe Werf at Broadacres (can't find a link), where we had a good, simple meal (great value for money) in the beautiful gardens. Looks like an amazing venue for those with kids - they have a jumping castle and a great enclosed playground.

After that, it was a quick visit to the shops, a nice snooze at home and then church and a Sunday evening meal of leftovers on the couch with a glass of wine

It really was a perfect weekend.

How was yours?

PS: My wedding story is up over at Angel's Weddings today.


Damaria Senne said...

Your supper sound lovely. Every time you talk about food, I can't help but think you cook very interesting meals.

As for my weekend, I was exhausted and headachy, so I spent the weekend napping and puttering around the house. A friend came over to visit on Sunday morning and we had brunch on my stoep, enjoying the Spring garden. The rest helped. I was very energetic on Monday.

Shayne said...

My weekend was completely blah (see my latest post).

Yr meals do always sound so delicious - i get quite hungry reading your posts!

And yay for sitting in the sun and catching up with friends. Special times x

Hayley said...

Aaahhh, it does sound like a perfect weekend!

And I loved your wedding pics and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

you know what, Jamie's 30 minute meals do not take into account the cleaning up! Seriously, I tried out one of his meals and had to clean the food processor 4 times! It took ages to clean out the blade and then dry.

Louisa said...

We had the best time ever playing your garden, and thank you so much for the photos!

When we left Nicola was still convinced that the eagle on your gate was an owl. She hoo-hoo'ed all the way home to prove it.

Tamara said...

Damaria: Thanks for the compliment. Sorry your weekend wasn't great, but glad you got time out in the garden - it's really soul-soothing.

Shayne: Sorry you had a crappy weekend. And for making you hungry! I hope this weekend is miles better.

Hayley: Thanks, lady. And thank you also for taking the time to read my LONG wedding post at Angel's Weddings.

Elisecrets: I hear you! I also don't have some of the equipment he recommends and I can't find some of the ingredients here in SA either. But I must say, I have enjoyed the recipes I've used so far, even though none of them have taken me 30min :-)

Louisa: Makes three of us then. You're welcome - I had fun snapping away. I think I shall make owl calls when I pass by that eagle from now on!

Helen said...

Heading over to read it now! If you want a great venue the Secret Garden in Norscot Manor was awesome, also with jumping castles and a nice relaxed vibe (and high tea!)

Tamara said...

Helen: Norscot is just down the road from us. It is nice, but they're often full with stork parties or birthdays on Sat mornings.

Angel said...

I do love entertaining, but the clean up... oy!