Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Before and After

It's taken me long enough, but I can finally show you some renovation pics!


When our house was built, the owners at the time decided to change the plans for the en-suite bathroom in the main bedroom. They were elderly and didn't want a bath, so they built a wall in the middle of the room that would be the bathroom and installed only a shower, toilet and single basin, using the other half of the room as a walk-in cupboard.

The spare bathroom, on the other hand, has a bath and no shower. In winter, being cold-blooded, I find that the only way to get warm is to immerse myself in piping hot water. We would often use the guest bathroom to bath, but when we had guests staying with us, we were stuck with our shower, which had a broken sliding door that needed to be forced closed and still let cold air in because it wouldn't shut properly. The guests, on the other hand, were stuck with the bath, which is difficult for people like my 85-year old granddad to use.

So we installed a hand shower in the guest bathroom, broke through part of the wall that had been built in the bathroom and used what was the walk-in cupboard as a spot to install a lovely bath.

We found a way to fit in our new bathroom without moving any major water points. We added an extra basin and an extra shower (inside the existing shower). That last bit is one of my favourite things... Now TSC and I can shower together and he can have his luke warm water and I can have my scalding hot water. I've been explaining the necessity of this to everyone who has seen the bathroom: I believe all serious marital discussions should ideally take place in the bath or shower because it's very difficult to fight with a naked person ;-)

Anyhoo... Here are the pics...


If you look closely here you'll see the towel rail lying on the floor. We tried fixing it on numerous occasions and it just kept falling off. So glad we have nice new, sturdy towel rails!

It may look innocuous, but this non-closing shower door was evil.

The walk-in cupboard

Here's where we broke through the wall from the existing bathroom into the walk-in cupboard...

Now we just need more stylish laundry bins!

Still can't believe this was the walk-in cupboard!

The Bedroom:

Once we'd put a bath in what was our walk-in cupboard, we obviously needed to find a new storage solution, which meant installing new cupboards. We also had to replace the carpet, which was worn through in some spots, and the skirtings. You'll see why when I show you a pic! The ceilings had pulled away from the cornices, allowing dust from the roof to pour into the room and make TSC's allergies a million times worse than usual, so we fixed the ceilings, rhinolited over them and put in new cornices and a new light fitting. While we were at it, we installed a vanity for me so I don't clutter the new bathroom with my make-up and hair accessories, and we also replaced the curtain rods.


The revolting skirtings. We've now replaced most of these around the house with Meranti wood ones. The originals were made of a substance that was almost like cardboard - you could pull the things apart with your bare hands!

You can also see how worn the carpet is here - it's actually threadbare under the skirting on the left side of the pic.

Fixing the ceilings and prepping the walls...

This pic shows where we built up the old doorway to the walk-in cupboard and the rhinolite, stillwet and patchy on the ceilings.

New paint, fixed ceilings, new cornices and a new light fixture...

The finished room:

I LOVE these cupboards (thanks Louisa for the recommendation). They run the whole length of the wall and one of them opens up as the entrance to the bathroom (the one you can partially see on the far right of the pic)

The new cupboards opposite the bed, along with my dresser and the new curtains.

I'm so chuffed with the way my heart-art headboard substitute worked out! Our old headboard was too big for the room. We actually had to take it apart to get it out once the cupboards were in!

So that, my lovelies, is what I have been preoccupied with over the last six weeks. I'm very glad it's all finished and I am supremely happy with the end results. But now I want a break from home improvements for a bit ;-)

PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing TSC. We didn't finish the renovations before my bday, but I'm glad we did it before his.


phillygirl said...

Having seen it in real life on the weekend, I'm even more impressed now after seeing the before photos. It is an amazing and stunning improvement and well-worth the effort which will be long forgotten in no time, I'm sure :)

Anonymous said...

It is STUNNING! So gorgeous. It looks like something worthy of a mag spread. Its so pretty! Congrats on the new room and bathroom, it's gorgeous! Maybe you should submit to ... crumbs, what's that site... Design Sponge. Before and Afters are a specialty of theirs and yours is inspiring :D

Tamara said...

Phillygirl: Thanks! Yup, the memories of the long nights and useful plumber won't last, but the cupboards, carpets and bath hopefully will :-)

Paula: Ah, thanks, Paula. Pity my pics aren't very good. But I'm quite keen to check out other people's before and afters at Design Sponge - first I've heard of it.

po said...

Very impressive! You've kind of impsired me to write a post on the current state of my flat, which is basically the antithesis of your beautiful house. My flat is currently a total shithole, I hope you will excuse the swearing!

Louisa said...

Wow! That looks amazing. I simply cannot live without a bath - I'd give up a walk in cupboard for that any day.

I'm glad Christo did a good job. i knew he would. They're very professional those lot. ;-)

1986 CR Swart Matrieks said...

Wow, it looks absolutely stunning! enjoy!

Hayley said...

Oh wow!! It looks amazing!!!
Well done!!!

Damaria Senne said...

Oh my! Well done. It looks lovely and I'm very impressed that you survived living in the house while such a lot of work was being done in your bathroom and bedroom. Especially because you couldn't run away to escape the gaping walls during the day.

Shayne said...

tam, it looks fabulous! Well done. Love your new bath and the checked tiles/stone things. And your bedroom cupboards are gorgeous.

Am sure you're mighty glad it's all over x

Jenty said...

It looks absolutely amazing!!! If the builder was good, please pass on the info ;)

Tamara said...

Po: Umm... I'm glad I inspired you?!?

Louisa: Yep. We actually have more cupboard space now than we did with the walk-in. AND my little cat can't get into my shelves as easily (she likes to get hair on everything and then chuck my clothes out the cupboard).

1986 CR Swart Matrieks: Thank you :-) I will!

Hayley: Thanks!

Damaria: That was the worst, I must admit. Trying to work with the sound of an angle grinder was tough. Glad it's over!

Shayne: Thank you. I really am!

Jenty: I do recommend the builder. But not the plumber or the tiler.

Helen said...

Wow that's quite a transformation! and all in 6 weeks, very impressive!

Anonymous said...

Oh it all looks so amazing! LOVE the cuphoards. :)

Lovely Light said...

The "afters" look wonderful! The cupboards have a nice stain/paint color. And the tile job looks excellent! I agree with the showering together thing too!I'm getting used to cupboards and appreciate them (we usually have "closets" in the USA) even if they take up some space in the room. We don't have enough BICs in our place and we have piles of clothes in our bedroom at all times. I hate it!
Enjoy the fruits of your labor!


Angel said...

Your photos are lovely T, but I was blown away by how gawjiss it looks when you showed us around!