Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Recently discovered

A few things I've recently discovered and am enjoying...

  • Peanut butter and chocolate bars from Tart at the Leaping Frog centre. It's like a piece of heaven in your mouth. Mmmmmm. Everything here is delicious though. It's hard to choose!
  • Homemade iced tea. I use the Woolworths' Fruit Infusions Apple, Cranberry and Cinnamon Tea, which is divine hot or cold with a little bit of honey.
  • WhatsApp. Yay for free messaging!
  • The new, bigger-sized Bostik Clear glue (50ml instead of 25ml). I go through tubes of this stuff at a rate of knots with all the cards and crafts I make, so it's lovely to have it available in a tube that lasts a little longer!
  • My 400 thread count duvet and pillow covers from Woolies. It's such a luxury to have these as they are really ridiculously expensive, but I asked for and then saved up Woolworths vouchers from my birthday last year through till Christmas to get them because we'd had our tired old bed set since we were married four years ago and they're a little threadbare. The new ones are beautiful and amazingly soft and comfy. I'm planning on asking for Woolworths vouchers again this birthday so I can get another set - I get so miserable when the nice set goes into the wash and I have to put the old ones on again. I've become spoiled ;-)
  • Daphne's Dream by Plascon. The new colour of our interior walls downstairs. Pics will follow once we've finished replacing the skirtings and hanging our frames.
  • My old CDs. I'm going through them to see what's worth keeping and what I'll be chucking. On the keep list so far: Delirious?; Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen and Plush. On the chuck list... I'm not even going there ;-)

  • Jolly Orange fragrance oil from the Body Shop. Such a happy smell and I just love the name!
What have you discovered recently?


Shayne said...

Granny Goose is has the most divine percale cotton linen - i'm such a bedding snob now I won't sleep under anything but a goosedown duvet, percale linen and feather pillows!

Have you tried Woolies Fudge Bars? Divine divine divine - my latest discovery.

Oh, and the body shop Berry Bubblebath. Too delish for words.

Po said...

Hmmm, what have I doscovered recently? Some good stuff actually but most are UK brands so no good to you. However I have discovered the website Groupon where you get awesome discounts on things, and I know that it is opening in Sa, and I know that you already have quite a few local versions, so you should check those out to get good deals. I got a haircut for about a quarter of what it usually cost, bonus!

Tamara said...

Shayne: I must have some of that bubblebath! Sounds divine.

Po: Ja, I'm a member of Groupon / Twangoo and WiCount. They have some amazing deals! Loving it.

Angel said...

Well, since I just joined Weigh-Less I haven't discovered anything tasty for a while... I have rediscovered my CD collection and I am making up a CD of rock music MP3s for my car!
And I recently went to a scrapbooking workshop and I haven't scrapped in aaaages!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... I've learned to take longer walks at a faster pace. And that elephants are truly noble creatures.