Friday, 18 February 2011


How much can happen in one week? Seriously. This feels like a year.

Just found out one of my best friends is moving to Cape Town :-( We've been friends for seven years and she was one of my bridesmaids. Since then she's lived in Kenya, the UK and USA, and our friendship has always survived. I'm sure it will survive this too, but it has been so lovely having her close by and seeing so much of her over the past few years. I will miss our long chats over tea and our occasional shopping trips to craft markets or China Mall.


Thanks to everyone who let me know that my blog is giving issues when you try to comment. If I were more technically inclined, I might know of a way to fix that. Alas, I'm pretty useless in that regard. Any ideas?

Have a good weekend, all.


Damaria Senne said...

sorry, don't have any tech advice for you to fix the blog.

Readers can also choose the Name/URL option and manually type in their details when they comment. That's how I did, so I didn't have to deal with the issue of whether I was logged in or not..

have a good weekend.

Helen said...

I seem able to comment on your blog (but not on my own)... I'm sorry about your friend moving, but I suppose you can make it work! Sending some good vibes so that you will have a good weekend!

Shayne said...

Oh Tam.

Crap week huh?

Seems to be going around.

sorry to hear about your friend leaving - it's happened to me too and it isn't great. But if you've got a strong friendship it will survive.

Let's hope next week is better xx

Anonymous said...

As it turns out my issue with commenting was because our firewall was blocking it:)

pserean said...

China mall, huh?
If you can't bond over a gacci handbag and a dusty mass produced sequined pump, what Can you bond over?

Sorry to hear about your friend moving....but at least this way, you'll have a great vibey holiday destination!

Angel said...

Thankfully I didn't experience the commenting bug, but I'm glad its been fixed!
Sorry about your friend. :(

Anonymous said...

Darnit I'm sorry, I hope you feel better puddin' (about your best friend moving to CT)

At least now, you have an excuse to visit CT more often.