Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Mood

Personal storm cloud hovering over head, short temper, twitchy, bags under eyes... kinda like a zombie with Tourettes syndrome, actually.

  • Rampant PMS
  • Insane last-minute freelance job with huge workload and ridiculous deadline
  • Having a host of guests for a year-end life group braai who only left at 11.30 last night (not that it wasn't an awesome time - a blast was had by all)
  • Having a house that looks like a whole host of guests trooped through it in last night's storm - muddy floors, wrapping paper everywhere, paper plates in the strangest places...
  • A certain phone call at 6am this morning from the in-laws to ask if they could arrive this eve and stay for the weekend
  • A certain argument with TSC on the above point
  • The knowledge that a certain Doodling Journo will surely be blamed for the fact that the response to afore-mentioned phone request was 'no', despite the fact that said Journo's partner is responsible for most of the weekend engagements and has an interview tomorrow, meaning that there will be no time to actually see the in-laws at all
  • Having to cancel Friday night's dinner engagement because of afore-mentioned ridiculous deadline
  • Stressing about the logistics around a particular Christmas open house this Sat and how everything will ever get done on time
  • Not being able to think of a final bullet point to make it an even number

Plan of action:

Any or all of the following:

  • Beat head repeatedly on desk until unconscious
  • Practise the ancient art of escapism by ignoring problems and reading blogs
  • Collapse in a heap of snot and tears
  • Put on big girl panties and suck it up
  • Vent on blog


I'm so not a blogger said...

so with you on the rampant PMS...

Being Brazen said...

Gosh i feel your pain...I had a day like that this week...try exercise, wine and chocolate :)

Have a great Thursday!

Bagman and Butler said...

...and yet you vent with such creativity and verve.

Damaria Senne said...

sorry you're going through such a stressful time. Good luck with the ridiculously deadlined work. Sometimes I wonder if clients think we freelancer sit at home, waiting for them to send work:-)

Shayne said...

You sound like me the day before I have to arrive at a market with 6 million cupcakes.


Big cup of tea with rescue remedy liberally added to it.

A bar of top-deck consumed block by block after being dipped (each block) into the tea and then allowed to melt in your mouth.

Calmly make a list of what needs to be done, allocate to domestic worker (?) and TSC and whatever doesn't get done - tough luck.

And bloody in-laws - mine do the same thing (i wonder if they're related?)

Today is my DO NOTHIGN Day, but by Sat i'll be in the same state as you.


Ches said...

Rampant PMS with Tourettes!

Good Lord call the Pentagon, quick!!! :)

Helen said...

Oh wow, sounds hectic! And somehow you still made me laugh...

I hope it all works out!

Louisa said...

I'm starting to think you and I have syncronised house guest dilemmas. You know my notorious pitch, bitch and evacuate without thanks or notice grandmother? Well, she INFORMED us today that she's not only coming to visit for the weekend - she's bringing two guests with her who are also staying and she's organised a braai for Saturday at our place...she'll let us know the final numbers because we are expected to cater. The f-ing nerve I tell you! Grrrrrr....

po said...

EEEP! That is what blogs are for, vent away. I had a day of misery today. When I feel miserable for no reason at all. I blame hormones.

Wenchy said...

you make it sound easy babe