Monday, 7 December 2009

Five days!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Holiday in Cape Town with amazing best friends!


The weekend, in short, was exhausting and emotional. On the plus side, I discovered these amazing homeopathic drops for mild depression, grief and tearfulness that will be my new best friend in encounters of the in-law kind. Magic stuff!

I also made enough money at my open day to buy TSC's Christmas gift and presents for his whole family (which did much in putting a stop to the guilt-tripping going on) and my mom and dad.

A further discovery was that I still suck at 10-pin bowling, and that I should not be let loose in company when over-tired, hormonal and angry. Unless I've been doped with my magic drops. Then I'm just peachy.

I leave you with a pic of me and the parentals with Gogo and her family in front of her new house.


momcat said...

Nearly in Cape Town. I'm jealous. Hope you have a wonderful time. What happened at tenpin bowling in your hormonal state. You didn't knock someone out with a bowling ball, I hope. Just stick with the drops until all the seasonal stress is done with.

Helen said...

Wow, that house is beautiful!

Your jewellery is beautiful! Thanks so much for the invitation, I hope you recover from all the hecticness soon!

Being Brazen said...

Your Gogo has a nice new house.

Hope the week flies by for you, so you will be in Cape TOwn before you know it :)

Have a wonderful Monday!

Nicky Hampton said...

Hello chicken...
Sorry about the stressful weekend. Am SO looking forward to having you here with us in CT! Hoping it will be just what you need.
Heaps of love, N

po said...

Nice house! I like the sound of those drops, I need magic drops too! Enjoy Cape Town!

Anonymous said...

Well done on raising the funds! And the homeopathic miracle drops... I thinnk that I should invest too. :D Lol I get really nervy when I have to do work

Louisa said...

I'm glad your open house was such a success - I'm sorry I couldn't make it.

Shayne said...

Glad to hear your open day was a success! My market on Sat was also a success - Woolies here we come for new lounge curtains!

Love Gogo's house - wow it is beautiful. Am sure she will be very happy there.

Yay to the solution for mild yuckiness. Hope they continue to keep you sane over the hectic time.

And v jealous about yr trip to CT.

Tamara said...

momcat: Hehehe... No, I behaved myself. I was just very poor company.

Helen: Thank you! It was awesome to see you again, even briefly. You made an impression on my colleague who was there at the same time. She said this morning, "that chick with the paperclip earrings was so cool!"

Brazen: thanks - me too. Still keen for a coffee? A good Monday to you too!

Nicky: My dearest Nic! I can't wait. It was so good to chat on Fri and I'm looking forward to loads more catching up this weekend!

Po: You must grab a bottle at your nearest DisChem while you're here - brilliant, I tell you.

Paula: Yes... maybe they'll help you with the whole handing things in on time thing?

Louisa: It was quieter than I'd hoped, but I still made money. No prob - I wouldn't expect you to. Lookign forward to whaling with you this week.

Shayne: Well done then. I would love me some Woolies curtains for my lounge, but they will have to wait. I know Gogo will be happy there too, and that keeps me happy when I miss her.

Forever Feline said...

Well done on the open day sales - that is brilliant!
Not sure what drops you are taking but rescue remedy and also St. Johns Wort are excellent herbal remedies.
Have a super duper blast in Cape Town doll :)
We will be in Knysna from the 17th so I'll think of you just a short distance away :)

Damaria Senne said...

I could have done with the homepathic drop last week:-)Gogo's house looks lovely.

Meriel said...

What a goregous house - and garden

boldly benny said...

Also had an emotional weekend - sigh!

CAPE TOWN, woohoo! How long are you going for?

Wenchy said...

I may need to buy the drops in bulk

Tamara said...

Forever Feline: Yup, these drops have St John's Wort in them. Enjoy Knysna - beautiful part of the world!

Damaria: I wish I'd known about them - would've sent you a bottle!

Meriel: She has grand plans for a big veggie garden too - will be stunning!

Benny: just a week. Can't wait!

Wenchy: Maybe we should get shares?