Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Radio Randomness in my brain

Tune into the live broadcast from my brain for a few minutes... it's a mess up there...

  • TSC has just found out that he has to wear glasses. The evil eye doctor *makes spitting sound* says the eye op to remove the pterygium was successful but too late - the eye won't get any better than its current blurriness. TSC is quitebummed. I can just picture how many pairs of glasses are going to be sat on, but I think he'll look hot with glasses. Hell, I think he looks hot in anything. Or nothing. Hehehe... Shame, poor man still thinks of all glasses as those worn by Steve Urkel. I'm thinking more Jude Law, actually. Mmmm... So going glasses shopping with him next week!
  • Work is still weird. We had another resignation yesterday, only according to Boss it wasn't a resignation. Colleague has apparently taken a sabbatical and will return in a few months. I somehow don't think so (having spoken to her about it). We are down to three again - me, Roo and Boss. *sigh* It's hard to keep saying goodbye to people I really like.
  • I am trying to cheer myself up by the thought of the approaching long weekend (it's a public / bank holiday this Mon). We are off to KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) to visit my grandparents and fetch the trailer they are giving us (so cool of them). I CANNOT wait to be off the Gauteng roads. Useless Joburg drivers are getting to me more than usual. I feel my bloof pressure rising when I get in the car. Also, a big part of my heart still lives in KZN and I love going back there, especially to spend time with my darling granddad and Lilly.
  • I can tell when my life is feeling all over the show because I suddenly can't let my house that be that way. I get these sudden "must tidy; must organise" urges. Last night I turned my bedroom upside-down, moving furniture around and repacking thinsg to try to make "more space" (ridiculous, seeing our bedroom is huge) and "less clutter" (not so ridiculous - I tend to pile things without homes in random spots around the house. There's one in the corner of the kitchen counter, one on my bedside table, and one on top of the gas heater unit).
  • You'll probably think this is sad, but I can't wait to prune my roses today! This is my incentive to finish all my work early so I can have time to do my gardening. I have neglected my plants throughout winter because I've been so busy and it's just so flipping cold outside, but Lilly taught me how to prune while she was here and I can't wait to practice this new skill. Am also busy trying to figure out my plan for my veggie garden (I have decided my haphazard approach of planting things randomly wherever I feel like it at any given time unfortunately doesn't work as well as I'd hoped). I want to set out no-dig beds, which is a major mission, and make sure I follow good rotation rules so that I don't end up with unhealthy, bug-infested soil.
  • My freelance work is still scaring me. I get a tight feeling in my chest when I think of it. I think it's mainly because I'm worried that I will forget about an assignment and just not turn in the work when it's due. This is unlikely, as I obsess about it well into the wee hours of the morning. Forgetting is not a problem. I guess I also worry that clients won't be impressed with the work I've done. *sigh* Enough of that, though... making myself nauseous!
  • I am so loving the DairyBelle kids' range of smooth low-fat yoghurts! I just had the cherry lollipop flavour and it's really yummy, even in the cold (when I usually go off yoghurt. And most things healthy).
  • It's already 11.25am and I am nowhere with my work for today, so if I want to prune, I must stop procrastinating and end this post. Adieu.


Glugster said...

Not too messy. I've seen worse.

Spear said...

Hope you're going to plant aubergines and green peppers in your veggie garden.

Louisa said...

Enjoy your gardening Tamara, my plants are all looking a little bit sad at the moment. Hope they perk up with the warm weather at least.

Helen said...

Spinach seems to grow well. And it tastes good.

And there's cherry lollipop flavoured yoghurt? Where have i been that I don't now these things? I've been choking down the regular stuff with lumps of what-used-to-be-fruit in it :(

Ches said...

Ok, I was with you until you said 'can't wait to prune the roses!'

I'm thinking Kathy Bates in an Audrey Hepburn hat. ;)

Kris said...

We always have so much on our minds! The best thing to do is to write it all down. Brava to you and your garden. That is one of my dreams!

po said...

Hehe enjoy your garden, it must be cool having one. ~And enjoy KZN, part of my heart still resides there too!

Damaria Senne said...

You sound like me with your "must tidy, must organise" urges. Drives my daughter crazy, especially when I try to organise around her and she doesn't see anything wrong with a room before I tackle it.

Look forward to doing some gardening too, but I'll wait until it gets much warmer. I also plant randomly, and the only veg that consistely thrives despite me is spinach. I guess I should follow your example and be more organised in planting.

Slyde said...

"WANTING" to prune your roses is ok, but when you "CANT WAIT" to do them, well, thats just weird...

boldly benny said...

This was cool - and I agree with Glugster, not too messy!

I hope you enjoy the coast and that you are refreshed and ready to tackle the oddity of work.

End of July/beginning of Aug is definitely pruning time.

Veggies: if you're in a frost free area you can plant sweet and chilli peppers, beetroots, carrots, mealies, melons, pumpkin, squash, spinach and tomatoes.

And I want some of that yoghurt - YUMBO!

NiKolaS said...

i might have sat on my glasses this weekend, i am procrastinating fastidiously avoiding getting a new pair but i must for the pain i am in right now...

Tamara said...

Glug: thanks. Makes me feel a bit better ;-)

Spear: But of course!

Louisa: Bring on the warm weather! I need it, nevermind the plants ;-)

Helen: I hate that fruit corpse stuff. Blegh.

Ches: Kathy Bates?! I make you think of Kathy Bates?

Kris: It was one of mine too. Nice to tick something off my dream list and enjoy the reality of it, bugs and all ;-)

Po: I'll wave at Pinetown for you.

Damaria: Well, I'll let you know if that bit of organisation actually works out ;-)

Slyde: I'm not really worried about the man who got hot and bothered when I listed my flu symptoms calling ME weird!

Benny: Thanks! Except for the melons (gag), that all sounds great.

Nikolas: Hahaha... you crack me up, dude.

angel said...

I like posts like this. Little glimpses into our daily lives.