Thursday, 27 August 2009

If today was a colour it would be washed out, sickly green

  • I missed celebrating my 300th blog post. This is number 304. I think.
  • Struggling to keep my emotions in check today. I keep crying at the most random / inappropriate things.
  • TSC took my rescue remedy with him to varsity for his maths test today. I feel bereft.
  • My increasing dependence on rescue remedy to get through the day is a worry, but I reassure myself that cocaine would be a more serious issue, so I'll let this one slide.
  • TSC and I are having a joint bday thingey this weekend. 80s theme. Much as it's stressing me out (dunno when I'm gonna have any time to organise the food / decor etc that I have planned), I can't wait to get my legwarmers on.
  • I spent yesterday listening to 80s music in preparation. Thank goodness that decade is over. I don't think I could take any more Dr. Alban or Yazoo. Although I do still have a soft spot for Roxette.
  • My boss is trying to guilt-trip me into doing a weekend work event that I really don't want to do. I have so few weekend days free at the moment (between freelance work, charity events and church stuff) that I actually just cry at the thought of it (once again - this emotion/logic thing is eluding me today). Pathetic.
  • I think some uninterrupted, nightmare-free sleep might cure all of this emotional messiness. Well, at least some of it.
  • It's freezing cold, even though ut was supposed to get warmer today. I really should stop giving the weatherman the benefit of the doubt. Must get more coffee...

What colour is your day?


Sid said...

My day as usual is frustrating. I'm processing data. I've been processing data for days now and I'm just not getting the results I want. Hope you feel better soon.

Being Brazen said...

An 80s party - WHAT FUN!!!!

you are so right, coccaine would be a way more serious problem...definitely stick to rescue remedy instead :)


po said...

Wah I hate those days when you don't know why you feel how you feel, which somehow seems to invalidate the fact that you feel bad...

My day would be light green, a colour I have no liking for, cos this is just a busy, active day where I feel fine, but nothing special.

Ches said...

80's Parties ROCK!

That'll surely bring you out of this slump... the Locomotion Tam, do it! :)

Helen said...

i thought it was 70s? Either way i'll be worst dressed :)

Hope your day turns happy-yellow soon!

Forever Feline said...

80's parties rock! Sure it will lift your spirits.
My day is pink. A mix of red for the highs and white for the lows.

Have you tried St Johns Wort? It is a herbal remedy available in pharmacies which assists when the mind is harassed :)

Spear said...

If 'Come on Eileen' does not put you in an instant good mood at your party, well I don't know...

boldly benny said...

Shame love, hope everything gets better. I was soooooooo emotional last week!

Sass said...

Right now my day is orange.

And if you'd like, I'll share my crayon with you...

Jenty said...

You're going to have a ball this weekend! Enjoy!

phillygirl said...

Shame, hon. Hope you're feeling much better in time for your party tomorrow :)

Mellisoo said...


Sorry for such a delayed response to your invite :(

Adam and I won’t be able to make it, it was his birthday yesterday, so we’ll be celebrating this weekend.

Thank you SO much for inviting us :) - if it was any other time, I would so have been there!

Hope you have an awesome party, and that you’re feeling sunshine yellow today ;)

SonnyVsDan said...

green! but a good one! I feel like I have done more today than any other day in the last month!

And its Friday! YAY!

and dude - don't knock the 80's! VAN HALEN!

Tamara said...

Sid: Wow... that sounds like fun. Or not. Hope you finish up with the data processing soon.

Brazen: You know that if you were in JHB, I'd expect you here in full 80s attire, right?

Po: Oh I know exactly how I feel and why I'm upset. I just wish that it wouldn't cloud EVERYTHING so that anything can set me off.

Ches: I hope so. "Come on baby, do the locomotion..."

Helen: Nope - it's 80s. I'm not as much of a yellow fan as you are, but thanks. *grin*

Forever Feline: I haven't tried it, but I've heard about it before. Maybe I should give it a go. Thanks for the tip.

Spear: I had to google that - it was written two years before I was born ;-) Kidding - know and love the song.

Benny: Well I'm glad it's not just me! Hope you're feeling better this week?

Sass: Awww... that's sweet of you :-)

Jenty: Thanks, lady.

Philly: Makes two of us!

Mellisoo: No worries. Enjoy your weekend celebrating Adam's bday. thanks for letting me know.

SonnyVsDan: I am not knocking the 80s! I was born in the eighties!

Gill said...

Hey there, sorry I missed this post, would have sent you big hugs...