Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Happy lists instead of lamentations

Tomorrow's my birthday.

Just deleted the rest of the lines I had written for this post which were thoroughly miserable.

Everything seems to be getting to me at the moment and I'm not sure why. I'm not (according to my mother) very good at managing my stress, so I go through these extreme downs. Blegh. But I'm not going to focus on the crap stuff today.

I'm going to list the things there are to be happy about instead. Because I need to. Please add yours so I can smile for you too.

  • Tomorrow night TSC and I are going out for dinner to celebrate my 25th.
  • I have proper post (not bills or ads) to open when I wake up.
  • I don't have client meetings this afternoon.
  • My house is fairly tidy for a change (spent Sunday turning the pantry on its head and cleaning it out to banish the moth infestation we had for some reason. There was curry powder / corn flour / moths / noodles / assorted other stuff all over the kitchen floor). the fact that the mess has gone makes me ever so slightly calmer.
  • I watched Ghost Town last night. I wasn't expecting much, but it made me laugh out loud, which was so good.
  • My cats have developed the habit of following me around the house whenever I'm home and lying down next to me when I sit down anywhere. There's nothing quite like cat love.
  • We were invited to a birthday lunch on Sunday. We can't make it (because we're having my birthday lunch with my family), but it's nice to be invited. I often feel like TSC and I host people all the time and never get invited back. Although there are one or two people (like Phillygirl and Angel) who are super good at organising and inviting and whom I am in complete awe of.
  • TSC and I have discovered the Lindt Petits Desserts range. It's ridiculously expensive stuff, but the Mousse au Chocolat in dark chocolate is possibly the best thing I've tasted in this world.

Tell me the good things in your life right now.


Being Brazen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow. Hope you have a really blessed day tomorrow.


po said...

Wow, happy birthday! Another Leo! It was my dad's birthday today, it all happens in August for me.

I hope your day is awesome tomorrow and you get very spoilt.

Anonymous said...

Only 25!!! lucky girl! lol always imagined you older coz you're married and garden alot and host church meetings :P

Happppppppy Birthday for tomorrow.

Where do you buy the Lindt petit desserts???

Hmmm good things in my life right now: errrr....*thinks*...errrr... going on holiday in a couple weeks time, but that has its cons too, but mainly awesome I guess!

Louisa said...

I hope you have a super-fantastic birthday tomorrow and that you get spoiled silly! :-)

boldly benny said...

I hope you have the best birthday ever! My 25th birthday was AWESOME and a lot of things happened for me thereafter :)

I have heard about those choccies and their awesomeness. Sounds like you have plenty to be happy about.

I am happy because my boyfriend and I are going to Kruger for a long weekend on Friday. Next week one of my most favourite people is coming from Cape Town to stay with me AND we're going to a really great friend's wedding which is going to be so much fun! Short-term but plenty to look forward to... oh and it's less than a week until PAY DAY!!

SonnyVsDan said...

happy birthday!

My happy thing: my mum sent me a photo of me as a 1-year-old scowling at the camera. It was among my Grandmother's old stuff.

OK, none of that stuff is happy feely, cos there's only a few reasons why anyone would be going through your grandmother's stuff and giving it away.

Except that it's the same scowl I have now when someone is pissing me off! Good to see nothing has changed! ;) It was cute.

Spear said...

Happy Birthday!

Good on you for changing to a positive track.

ps. It will get easier in September when spring arrives. There is no better mood-lifter than spring!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope its amazing.

Things that have me smiling:

- JC
- Listening to "Time Warp" and knowing the moves
- singing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and singing in my opera voice
- laughing with my sister because we're in the same room, very sick, and our laugh sounds retarded- but its so much fun
- Listening to Gareth Cliff in the morning.
- the amount of love I feel for my parents lately
- my nephew Bots who consistently reminds me that acting my age isn't half as fun as being a two year old with a melt-your-heart killer smile and curious eyes and that speaking gibberish with him can allow you to speak in tongues (praying and playing at once... SO much fun)
-having blogs that I can read to remind me that everyone goes through things like I do... that my life isn't a complete shit hole.

I hope your bday is fantastico!


Helen said...

Happy birthday! Have a chocolate milkshake for me!

Seriously, I hope you have a truly fantastic day, you deserve it!

Tamara said...

Brazen: Thanks so much ;-)

Po: Yep. That's me *roar... cough*

Anon: ja, I get both ends of the scale - people often think I'm younger because I'm short, but others think I'm older becuase I'm married / own a house / act like I have senile dementia.
I buy my Lindt at the local Super Spar, which keeps all kinds of tempting imported choccies.
Don't suppose you feel like leaving a first name or even nickname?

Louisa: Thanks, lady. Silly is never a problem for me. *insane grin to prove it*

Benny: Thanks - from your lips... Those are some great things to keep you smiling!

SonnyvsDan: Aw. Sorry about your gran :-( You'll have to post that pic though - it does sound cute.

Spear: Totally - I am a much nicer person in the warm ;-)

Paula: Thanks. You and your sis must get better soon, k? I hear you on the blogs!

Helen: Thanks so much. Is ok if I have a vanilla one and still think of you when I drink it?

angel said...

Sjoe... thanx for the compliment T!
My precious Taxi follows me around like that all the time, and you're so right- cat love is quite wonderful!