Tuesday, 22 April 2008

A post for Bridget

In response to B calling me a lazy journo in my comments section, I am putting up a new post. I had already planned to do this, for those of you who may believe I am under her evil control, but had a 9am meeting and have been frantically trying to get through all my emails and meet deadlines in between.

Excuses, excuses, I hear you cry. Ok, fine! I am under her evil spell and will soon be found dancing like a white man. This would probably be an improvement on my current dancing abilities, which are strangely like a duck on drugs, waddling back and forwards flapping its wings aimlessly and losing the beat.

Coming soon to a street near you, I will also be removing 'for sale' signs and transplanting them to houses that look deserving enough.

I will not, however, be visiting Gold Reef city with pickles or pub-crawling with trolls.*

If anyone knows of a cure for this kind of behaviour... Stick it, coz it sounds like I'm gonna be having me some fun :)

*Sorry, B. Not even your influence can get me past my scared-witless-of-having-kids-ness or induce me to hang out with hubby's less hygienic mates.


Bridget said...


Get under me spell!

I Shock and Awe.

NAh ... you're right, having kids sucks eggs. They take over the Tv when they are on holiday!

Oh lord, I bet you're going to get up to nonsense this weekend!

I know, less hygienic mates are a bit doge eh?

Who is your WOT?

Tamara said...

You do. And hubbies also take over the TV. Not just on holidays. I'm having a slow morning due to lack of caffeine running through my veins... what do you mean, who is my WOT?

Bridget said...




Hubby's I'll have one of those. One day. Once I've trained him nice and straight.

Why aren;t you having coffee? Due to my non smoking i am now drinking 5 Seatle grande cappuccinos before 2 pm. I'm deliciously high! YAY!

Tamara said...

Ah... it was rhetorical. Sorry.

Like my mamma used to say... you can't change a man unless he's in nappies.

MY sneaky co-worker gave me decaf coffee and thought I wouldn't notice. But even caffeine-free me recognises when she's being schnaaied (sp?!). I have rectified the situation and am now buzzing.

Seatle make the best coffee. And muffins. Mmmm... craving.

And no calling me Dumbo on my blog - even if it was deserved. You may be my WOT, but I can still delete your comments. *Wags chiding finger, hoping it won't get bitten off*

Bridget said...

Sheena is SOOOOOOOOO jealous, she doesn't want to read my post!

Who ever writes you a post lousy Sheena!!!


Sheena Gates said...

trust me, there is already enough bridget out there for all of us. we don't want another one!

She's exhausting!

Tamara said...

Hey, children. This is MY blog, so play nice, you hear?