Friday, 25 April 2008

Eskom (again)

Yes, it is time for yet another Eskom rant. I haven't had a moan about this in awhile, and, while you may be sick of the subject, they keep providing us (and the Madam & Eve cartoonists, it seems) with more material and reasons to complain.

Our dear power utility, which can't provide enough power, despite this being its sole purpose on God's green earth, now wants to charge us more money for something they can't provide. Old news, yes. But now it appears that we Saffers have been subsidising the costs of electricity provided by Eskom to neighbouring countries for years. Get the full story here.

I dare any shrink to ask, 'How does that make you feel?'


angel said...

i feel nothing... i'm too cold to feel anything and the aircon is off?!!??

Glugster said...

Paying more for something that you don't get is what all economics are based on. Didn't you know?

Tamara said...

Guess that explains the petrol prices!

sweets said...

it's the african way you know... give everything you have away and then charge someone else for your problems ;)