Friday, 13 May 2011

I Love ColdPlay

They are one of my favourite bands. EVER.

They're coming to South Africa.

Why are tickets SOOOO expensive?!?


Anonymous said...

Because the world is ganging up on you and wants to make it super difficult for you to go:P

I'm so not a blogger said...

I know!
I am going. somehow. Not entirely sure how, but it will happen:-)

Helen said...

P1 and I got tickets last Thursday, somehow through the mayhem. Golden circle was out of the question though!

I figured considering bands who come here, it'll only happen once (unless it's Bryan Adams) so why not...?

Louisa said...

Supply & demand ;-)

There's only one band I'd consider selling a kidney to see and it's not Coldplay.

If they're your absolute favourites I think you should go see them no matter what. Doesn't HAVE to be golden circle.

Cam said...

Tam, did you get tickets?

We got Golden Circle, FNB....