Friday, 13 May 2011

I Love ColdPlay

They are one of my favourite bands. EVER.

They're coming to South Africa.

Why are tickets SOOOO expensive?!?

5 comments: said...

Because the world is ganging up on you and wants to make it super difficult for you to go:P

I'm so not a blogger said...

I know!
I am going. somehow. Not entirely sure how, but it will happen:-)

Helen said...

P1 and I got tickets last Thursday, somehow through the mayhem. Golden circle was out of the question though!

I figured considering bands who come here, it'll only happen once (unless it's Bryan Adams) so why not...?

Louisa said...

Supply & demand ;-)

There's only one band I'd consider selling a kidney to see and it's not Coldplay.

If they're your absolute favourites I think you should go see them no matter what. Doesn't HAVE to be golden circle.

Cam said...

Tam, did you get tickets?

We got Golden Circle, FNB....