Thursday, 5 May 2011

My opinion on various things. And pics.

As I'm sure you are all aware, I have an opinion on pretty much everything :-) So here are my thoughts on a couple of things:


Unkown: I love Liam Neeson. I love action movies and thrillers. One would think this was a match made in heaven. And it was definitely edge-of-your-seat engaging. The only problems are the plot holes the size of JuJu's ego and the fact that it's all been done before. And let's face it, Bourne Identity did it a little better. I give it 6 out of 10.

Thor: Expecting a credible storyline and a superb script from a comic book movie is a bit like expecting a politician to tell the truth - it's possible, but quite rare. That said, if you can ignore the really daft plot, cheesy lines and superficial characters, Thor is actually quite a lot of fun. The special FX are pretty impressive, there's loads of action and, of course, there are Chris Hemsworth's abs. I give this one 6 out of 10 too.


Masterchef Australia: I don't know why I watch this show. I find it so stressful that I spend most of it clenching my fists and chanting contestants' names over and over as if I can stop them from being eliminated. But I love it. I really do. For the first time in ages, TSC and I are following something (other than sport) regularly on TV. Of course, it helps that we have a PVR now :-)


La Passant: I bought a voucher for La Passant in Sandton awhile ago from awesome group buying site, WiCount (, and WOW - what a find! TSC and I had such a lovely dinner there. He had the lamb shank in red wine, cranberry and chocolate sauce (yum!) and I had the duck breast with orange and mango sauce (also yum!). We finished off with a rooibos creme brulee and the beligian chocolate mousse - both were little pieces of heaven on a plate. And the service was fabulous. We'll definitely be visiting again.

So those are my opinions for today. And here are some more pics from Sondela...

TSC feeding Porky, the tame warthog who was taken in by the Wildlife Centre when he was abandoned by his mother...

Sweet ass :-)

Yummy cheese platter that was brought to our room as part of our package on our first night...

Three giraffes. We saw them from a distance when we were out cycling, so we headed closer, got off the bikes and walked near enough to take pics - amazing experience...


Shayne said...

Wow, how amazing that you got close enough to take those pics. I find Giraffes incredible animals. So stately in a way.

Yummy cheese :)

I'm so not a blogger said...

Always good to know which movies are good to see or not!
Love your photos:-) the warthog is just the cutest, reminds me of the the book Jungle Drums (childrens book).

Forever Feline said...

I so agree with you about Master Chef! Andy and I also watch without fail and I get a lump in my throat each week for the chefs.
Will check out the restaurant. Always awesome to hear about good food and service in Joey's :)

Angel said...

I am dying to see Thor! I know they're predictable and such but I love the comic book movies!

Helen said...

lovely photos as usual!

Thanks for the heads-up on wicount, I use groupon regularly so I'm keen to check it out!

Anonymous said...

I love that last pic. :) And also, I want to see thor. If only for the abs. ;)

Slyde said...

i SOOOO wanted to see Thor this weekend, but stupid Mothers Day had to go and spoil everything :(

this weekend for sure..

Louisa said... I'm really hungry after reading about that yummy food. I see a midnight snack in my near future.

Love the photos Tamara!