Friday, 11 June 2010

Midnight again

I seem to be up at this hour a whole lot over the past two weeks, whether because I've been on a crazy deadline for a massive (and by that I do mean insanely huge) freelance project or because I've been out at Montecasino with my two eternally energetic Mexican World Cup guests (as was the case tonight - in fact they are still there, at the Black Jack tables).

WOW. It's been insane.

And yet I'm so happy right now. Perhaps it's because that deadline for the massive freelance project is gone and the work is done, or perhaps it's because my guests have not burnt down my house, but turned out to be extremely cool people instead. Or perhaps it's because I've had a couple of glasses of red wine, or because my cat is sleeping next to me on the bed. Or because World Cup Fever has hit. Or because my head has gone loopy from all the vuvuzelas blown in my ears.

Who knows?

But whatever the case, I am exhausted and yet excited. And I am sorry I haven't read your blogs this past while, but I promise you that I have not even had time to learn the Diski or file the annoying hang nail on my right hand.

I will try to be better next week, when the Mexicans have gone off to Cape Town for a bit. Until then, I will dream of visiting Mexico in the brief periods its locals give me to sleep.

And think of the extra line to the song we've given them... Waka waka eh eh... gaan kak in die mielies ;-)

Feel free to translate in the comments sections for the readers abroad, all you saffers.

Oh, and have a happy first game today. Go BAFANA!!!


Bagman and Butler said...

Insane, tiring, but sounds like a ball!

Damaria Senne said...

Enjoy the games, and your guests' stay.. and if things get a bit rough, have another glass of wine.

I'm cool this side; also getting into the spirit of things.

po said...

hehe Mexicans never sleep!

SonnyVsDan said...

I do love this world cup fever. you can feel it everywhere. seems like bells and heads are ringing all over the world!

Helen said...

hahahaha, why didn't I think of adding the line?

I'm glad to see you're still alive and stuff, good luck with all the work!