Sunday, 27 June 2010

As requested...

A short summary of the visitors we've had so far:

  • 2 x crazy, fun-loving, affable, not-very-concerned-about-time Mexicans
  • 1 x chilled, sweet, un-British Brit who lives in Barcelona
  • 2 x lovely, can't-drive-a-stick-shift-but-game-for-anything-else, thoughtful Americans from South Carolina
  • 2 x self-sufficient, quiet, pleasant New Yorkers (originally from the Philippines)
  • 2 x generous, curious Canadians (1 of whom was born in Romania and grew up in Spain)
  • 2 x relaxed, easy-to-talk-to Aussies who have been travelling for three months
  • 2 x young, friendly Malaysians (at the stadium as I type)

TSC and I are loving it, although it is rather exhausting to host all these people. We are looking forward to a break next week between guests and are considering finding a nice sunny spot to getaway for a day or two and be looked after by someone else.

Three guests to go and then we're done. I'm going to miss the buzz and meeting new people, but I am so keen for some sleep!


Shania said...

My goodness, sweetie! Are you running a hostel?

If so, send me a brochure. Maybe it'll entice me to hop the pond!

Damaria Senne said...

Sounds like you really deserve the break.

Helen said...

Wow! Tat's hectic! I think you need the break, it must be exhausting to be 'on duty' all the time, but it sounds like fun too! You must have lots of fun stories now :)

po said...

Woah baby. You are like the whistle stop cafe. I didn't realise you were having so many guests. I think they are so lucky to have such good hosts to look after them in Joburg.