Monday, 25 January 2010

Suggestions welcome

Last year I mentioned I'd like to do a swap circle sometime early this year. And seeing the year is already getting on (?!?!?!panic much?!?!?!), I'd better get my A into G. So, I would like ideas, please. How is the best way to do this? Should people just bring their stuff and haggle among themselves (could be entertaining)?

Should I invent a currency for the day (I'm thinking Clams, like the Flintstones used)? I could make one Clam equivalent to R5. Then everyone could give their swappables a monetary value, round it off to the nearest R5 and put a Clam price on it. Then when you arrive, you hand over your stuff and get its value in Clams, which you can spend on other people's stuff. Does that make any sense? Probably not.

I think I should also give folks the option to donate any stuff that doesn't get swapped to a suitable beneficiary (not me, clowns. I mean like the books left over can go to a library, the clothes to the children's home my mom works with etc...). I'd be happy to do the deliveries of the stuff.

In fact, maybe I should ask everyone who comes along to bring something from the charity's wishlist if they can (for instance, at the moment I know the children's home needs tupperware containers and bath towels).

Of course we'll have to set some rules in place. Like no bringing your manky old socks to swap. What do you think?

And while I'm asking, how was the weekend for everyone else? Mine was good. Ended up having a spontaneous supper with our neighbours on Sat (they whipped up a three-course meal out of thin air. It was impressive) and went to see Phillygirl in her new place yesterday and caught up with some other bloggers too. Then it was church, coffee with mates and off to bed so that we could both get up early for gym this morning and TSC could get to varsity on time on his first day back.

He's been on holiday for almost two months (I miss that about my student days), so I think he's glad to be back in a way, despite the fact that it's going to be loads of hard work.

Well, have a fab week, people.


boldly benny said...

The bartering idea is such a great idea, especially with clothes! I actually give away so many of my clothes - first to my friends and second to charities. I think this is such a fab club idea :)

Helen said...

swapping sounds like a great idea! I like the clam idea too! Keep me posted and I'll try and come through

Damaria Senne said...

had a good weekend. spent a lot of tme in my garden, made a new friend, read a novel I've been meaning to read and slept in on Sunday morning.
Barter sounds cool, though I don't have anything to swap. Loved my presents this Christmas, which mostly books, CDs, DVDs and gardening stuff.

Hayley said...

ooh a swap circle sounds great! I do like the idea of the 'clams'

Wenchy said...

Hey! Just checking in to see how you are. x

po said...

Um, yes, clams. I wish I could contribute to this, I have a lot of stuff I would just give away!

Slyde said...

i always wanted to go to a swap meet..