Thursday, 30 April 2009

After ten weeks of torture, Telkom gave to me...

My ADSL is working at home! This, friends (and random lurkers) is cause to celebrate. So TSC and I are heading to a new restaurant this evening for a dinner date. Tomorrow is a public holida, so we plan to sleep in late too. Yay!

In other words, despite the fact that my email still will not let me send anything at work, which is impeding any progress (I don't understand how it can receive but not send), and certain people are driving me up the wall as quickly as Malema can run his mouth off, I am choosing to look at all the lekker (nice) things in my life and smile.

Here are some more things that make me grin:
  • When I went for a brisk walk this morning, my cat tried to follow me. She really is like a dog, bless her little furry soul.
  • I have ADSL access at home. Yes, that is definitely worth repeating!
  • Cadbury's has brought out a new limited edition chocolate range including the like of a Fudge and Biscuit bar and one called Orange and Almonds. Super yum!
  • Tomorrow is pay day, so I can hopefully get my mom something nice for mothers day, have my two warm coats dry-cleaned in time for the cold weather and get my favourite winter boots reheeled.
  • I got a new freelance client and her business is really interesting (she wants me to re-write her online copy), so I have a fun job lined up in between all the rubbish ones.
  • TSC's parents sent us a load of lamb from the farm yesterday, so our freezer is nice and full, which hopefully will translate into slightly fuller pockets.
  • My winter crops (peas, more carrots, spinach, cabbage, radishes and pak choi) are doing well in the veggie garden and I have a recipe for mint jelly that I want to try this weekend.
  • Now that I have internet access, I can get started doing some serious catching up on blog reading.

What's making you smile?


Louisa said...

Hey! Welcome back online must be pretty impressed with Telkom's "speed"? ;-)

Being Brazen said...

Whats making me grin? Well, Im going on leave for a week - which is a pretty good reason to smile :)

Helen said...

I'm back at gym, off the cough mixture and I was paid at last! 2 months late, but at least i can go shopping now! And that means I can get some more gym clothes so I'm not working out in my PJs at least 2 days a week...

Glugster said...

Hey. If you need some help with your email, just shout!

Anonymous said...

I'm just smiling because it's a public holiday tomorrow. I am loving the holidays... but they are a little bit tedious.

I've got a part time job so I amped off of that

And an "interesting" project to do- it's messed up- will blog about it in time.

Out of interest- are you a copywriter or a journalist? I'm studying in an Advertising school- so it would be interesting to glean from an experienced copy writer...

anyway; hope your public holiday is good!


Laura said...

SOOO nice to have you back! Thank you TELKOM!

Your things to grin about are definately grin worthy :)

po said...

That chocolate range sounds incredible! Man I miss Sa sweets, they are so creative over there!

angel said...

My sweetheart makes me smile… no matter how much crud the world seems to throw at me, he makes me feel better when I get home. My precious furbabies also make me smile.