Monday, 2 March 2009

Of monsoons and Mondays

You know those six-word story memes? Mine today would be:

On Mondays, motivation is definitely minimal.

The weekend was cool though. Friday night we ordered Ghazal's take-out. I heart Ghazal's! My chicken Makhnie was super-yummy. We watched Pineapple Express, which was... a typical random stoner movie. It had some hysterical moments though and TSC thought it was brilliant.

Saturday morning we went to China City where I discovered an awesome bead shop. *sigh* This explains how my money is already less than it should be a mere three days after payday. After that, we headed home and got everything ready for the Bloggirls braai (housewarming number 2 for us).

Everyone, and by that I mean EVERYONE, was late. Fashionably, of course ;-) But despite the rain attemping to upstage the event by depositing a mini monsoon on my lawn, I had a great time seeing Phillygirl and Varen, Louisa, Ruby, Arkwife and hubby, Laura and her gorgeous kids, Angel and Damien and ExMi. I got special permission to make Tom an honourary bloggirl for the day (I figured seeing he carries a manbag he asked for it), so he joined us for awhile, and dear Glug also made an appearance after having spent the afternoon being rained on at the rugby.

I enjoy these girls (and guys) so much, even when they insist on talking about babies and pregnancy for hours on end and freaking me out totally (I am terrified of falling pregnant - so not ready to go there yet). Other topics that were up for discussion were pets, the gender of Phillygirl's bunnies, whether it's good or bad to have a TV in the bedroom, white chocolate versus Lindt chili chocolate, how blogging your secrets is easier than sharing them with your family and (believe it or not) sports. Actually, that last one was mainly Angel and I talking Formula One.

I'd met everyone before apart from Tom and Laura. Tom is exactly how I imagined he'd be and Laura was totally different from how I'd imagined her. They are both fabulous, and Laura's kids are just beautiful! I'm so glad I've met another two of my fave bloggers IRL.

TSC and I were chuffed at our presents (we weren't expecting any, which made it so much cooler). We got some beautiful potplants (must remember to take pics), some yummy wine and a really generous gift voucher (thanks Angel and Glug). I felt so spoilt!

When everyone eventually left, TSC and I fell into bed, so Sunday was spent tidying up. We also sorted out a new cell phone for me and ordered DSL from Telkom. So that's two big admin issues ticked off my to-do list. And after church last night, I enjoyed a long, hot shower with ExMi's amazing Body Thrills body polish... Yum!

All in all, an awesome weekend. Only one complaint - why can't those be longer?


Being Brazen said...

The bloggirls braai sounds so fab. Makes me wish I lived in Jo'burg so I could join :)

Thomas said...

Sounds good to me, it was fun! Glad to know I'm exactly how you pictured me:)

See you later!

Laura said...

AH so thats how Tom cracked an invite ;-p

It was lovely meeting you too! Was great fun :)

Anonymous said...

OOOh these bloggirl events sounds fab... Kim and I should join and meet all these weird (?!) and wonderful poeple.

So when's the next event?

acidicice said...

Yeah. WTF with these 48 hour jobbies?!

Glad you had a great housewarming. I wish I could invite Angel over anytime myself :)

Sass said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend...

And they ARE awfully short, aren't they?

po said...

It sounds so cool getting to know bloggers in the flesh.

Although perhaps it is better that I remain an enema I mean an enigma ;)

Wenchy said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all!

Louisa said...

Tamara, you have a lovely home - thanks for having us all over.

angel said...

it was wonderful indeed- and your house is truly magnificent!

Slyde said...

the good ones ALWAYS go quickly.. thats our lot in life...

Dash said...

these bloggirls things sound awesome.

I always think there's a risk that you won't like a person though and then it destroys what you used to love about their blog...

Tamara said...

Brazen: Start a CT Bloggirls!

Thomas: Hehehe... you are. In a good way.

Laura: It was great to meet you abd the kidlets and I'm glad you could make it.

Paula: They are awesome. Visit for event updates.

acidicice: I know... I'd prefer a five-day weekend ;-)

Sass: Sadly, yes.

Tamara said...

Po: Snorting with laughter at you, dear enigmatic enema ;-)

Wenchy: It was. You should seriously come!

Louisa: Thanks, lady. I'm sorry that I forgot to give everyone a grand tour - especially since I'd cleaned up for the occasion ;-)

Angel: Thanks very much.

Slyde: What a miserable comment!

Dash: True, but I'm willing to take that risk to meet new real-life friends, and so far I've never been disappointed.

Anonymous said...