Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Current addictions

Right... Being Brazen tagged me to do this meme she made up awhile ago, and I am finally going to do it, seeing time allows.

Firstly, I tag:

Now... the rules:
*Post at least five current addictions (with some details please)
*Mention the person who started this game of tag (Being Brazen) and also the person who just tagged you (in my case, also Being Brazen).
*Type your post with the heading "Current addictions"
*Tag at least two people and pass on the above rules.

And, my cuurent addictions:

Viva la Vida, the latest Coldplay CD. I have a love/hate relationship with this album. I love the music, but I hate having the tunes stuck in my head for the whole damn day, everyday.

J'Adore by Christian Dior. One of my favourite scents, I got a mega-big bottle for my birthday.

Spring blossoms. It makes me so happy to see the green shoots and beautiful fruit tree blossoms along the roads of Johannesburg. Feeds my heart.

Easy Living magazine. This is a UK mag that I adore. I can only find it in Checkers and Exclusive books, but it's jam-packed with useful info on everything from beauty to health and simple solutions to everyday products.

Avocado. On its own, with balsamic vinegar in a salad or with grilled chicken breasts on a crusty roll... Yum.


Ruby said...

I still have to do mine, so don't tell anyone!

i like your addictions, don't think mine's gonna be so interesting:(

Being Brazen said...

Thanks for playing my game of tag. Good addictions.

I love avocados too - sooo yummy...

MsBehavn said...

I can't decide if I like or dislike the new Coldplay album. Maybe I just need to listen to it a few more hundred times!

Anonymous said...

:) You got me!

And I love avo's too - had one last week and I normally add it to something. I just couldn't resist eating it right out of the skin with a spoon and some salt. :)

Ches said...

Thanks I have Violet Hill in my head...."was a long and dark December, la da diiiii..."

What a classic Album!
MsB...just give it time!

sweets said...

i love the way you described that avo... i now want the dhicken breasts on a crusty roll... oy :)~

The Jackson Files said...

I love Easy Living, but my BEST is Living ETC. Have you seen it?

And I have been eating an avo a day recently.

boldly benny said...

OMG, I just ploughed through a whole avo and half a packet of provita... so GOOD!

Gill said...

Thanks for the tag, I'll have to give this one some thought - not sure which addictions I am willing to confess to hee, hee....

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Oh I love your addictions!! Never seen the magazine - sounds awesome!

Have a great day

Slyde said...

very cool! caz tagged me so i just did mine, too!

AlasMyDear said...

ooh! j'adore smells so delicious :) what ho to have it wafting up your nose all day long! i've been meaning to try out viva la vida, but haven't got round to it :( you just reminded me!

Glugster said...

I've already been tagged for this one. Now I guess I don't have any choice.

Glugster said...

OK. I'm losing it. I saw Angel and read Glugster. Hehehehe. Guess I'm not tagged after all.

Tamara said...

Ruby: Um, I won't tell. Seeing you've already done it for me ;-)

Being Brazen: No worries - I had fun, so thanks for tagging me.

Msbhvn: yes, listen some more and join me in my constant humming!

Sleepy: They are just the best summer food!

Ches: You and me both! "But that was when i ruled the world..."

Sweets: Me too. Lunchtime!

TJF: No, haven't seen it. Will have to have a look for it.

BB: Yum!

Gill: *raises eybrows* You have my interested piqued.

Blonde Blogshell: thanks. I love them too. Hence the addiction and all.

Slyde: Well, mine are pretty tame compared to yours!

Alas: it is nice. I'm still only wearing it as my "going out" perfume so that I don't get too used to it ;-)

Glug: MwahaHAHAHA! That is hilarious, Glug. I mean, Angel. hehehe... I hereby tag you too. so get thee writing!