Monday, 20 September 2010

Reasons I won't be posting (much) today

  • I have to go to all those annoying meetings this afternoon, so only have two hours to work before I have to leave.
  • I will probably only be back this eve at about 6pm. And I will want supper then. Words feed my head and my heart, but chicken stirfry feeds my stomach ;-)
  • I am bored of my blog. By that, I don't mean that I am bored of blogging. I am just bored of the look and feel of this blog (what do you think of the adjustments?) and the parameters I unknowingly set myself here way back when.
Be back tomorrow.


Tara said...

Your blog is what YOU make it. If you want to change things up; then go for it. :)

Tamara said...

Tara: True, in a way. But what I really mean is that I am bored of censoring myself. But, seeing my anonymity it very fragile here (and probably a bit of a delusion if I stop to think about it), I have to. Unless I trash this blog and start again somewhere else. But the thought of that makes me a bit sad.

Anonymous said...

change is always good Tamara. I like changing my blog every time I get bored of it... which is often. And you can do whatever you like on your blog.

All the best for your meetings.

Enjoy dins XD

Tamara said...

Paula: Except you are a talented creative! I have no fancy photoshop or design know-how :-( I'd love to change my header. Any ideas on how I could do that without the above?

Hardspear said...

I like the coloured lights.

Momcat said...

I also like your soft muted coloured lights background. Its a nice contrast to the bright defined colours and lines in your header. What do you mean you're not creative? I enjoy your writing but if you feel you need to censor what you write about personal or work issues maybe take a turn and write about your views of life and people you meet. Theres a reason we return to read what you write and its not because of your colours. Its because of what you write.

damaria senne said...

I like the soft colours in the background of your blog. But keep experimenting until you find something you really like. You've seen how often I change my colour schemes and templates. I feel it's good for me to try new things. It's inspiring.

If the chances you make also have to do with content, as the others have said, it's your blog. Tell us how much or how little you want. Change the focus a bit if you're going in a completely new direction. Thing is, it's all about you Tam and what you like and experience and recommend and feel passionate about. we're just along for the ride.

Shayne said...

Tam if you read my blog today you would have read the same thing - i'm also tired of censoring myself and am seriously considering starting an anon blog outthere and *just writing* and not giving a continental who it affects or not.

I like your blog tho, so pls don't disappear altogether?

po said...

I like your funky background. I secon Shayne, I wish I had an anonymous blog because some of my family members read my blog. But then I would probably just complain all the time.

Tamara said...

Hardspear: Thanks. Me too.

Momcat: Thanks for the kind words. I do think I'm creative, but not when it comes to technology.

Damaria: Thanks. I just wish I were better at the design stuff!

Shayne: That's exactly where I'm at! And same to you - please don't disappear altogether.

Po: Haha... good point ;-) It's not my family I worry about. It's the work stuff.

Angel's Mind said...

I have been tempted more than once to start an anonymous one where I can go and throw my toys out the cot good and proper!