Wednesday, 29 July 2009

2nd post for the day (in which I over-think)

For the first time ever I am doing two posts on one day. The one below this one is just a boring diary-of-Tamara catch-up, which is probably tedious reading but is more for my therapy than your reading pleasure. So there. *pulls tongue*

This post though... is just something I've been thinking about for ages: Is my blogging bad for my writing?

I think it was Boldly Benny who has looked at this subject before, but it's something that's been bugging me. I'm someone who writes for a living and I keep wondering whether my self-indulgent rambling impacts on my "proper" writing (for lack of a better term) by teaching me bad habits.

I mean, essentially I write whatever I like here (although I do sometimes censor myself to keep anyone from getting in trouble or to protect myself and those I love), while my other writing has to be structured for a specific purpose. I can't just waffle about my feelings for a big financial story, for example. Or inject the slang words I blog with into web copy for a technical company (I have recently realised how often I use the word "awesome" as a description and that I tend to start sentences with "so").

On the other hand (and, proving my point, I am essentially "thinking out loud" or writing as I think here), maybe this blog allows me to clear my head and my heart to be focused on my pays-my-salary writing. Maybe writing this online diary of sorts (that usefully acts as an I-can't-lose-these-notes-coz-they're-not-on-paper record of things for me) gives me the outlet I need. I have always said it's my therapy.

I don't think I could consider giving blogging up. I have met such cool people through it and it really does help me to keep my head straight. I just sometimes find myself reading other people's blogs and admiring their writing style and thinking, "I should use my blog to develop my style - I should write properly like they do."

And yet, some of the blogs I read are on my list not for the writing but for the realness, which teaches me something else completely. Something that's not academic or even something I could put in words, but that benefits me enormously. Something about the human spirit - about laughing, sharing, sorrow and connection.

I don't know what I'm on about anymore. Give me your thoughts, please! They may be more coherent.


Being Brazen said...

Glad you wont give up blogging...cause i would be sad.

I love blogging and in my opinion I think blogging should be whatever you want it to be.

I also love reading others peoples random ramblings and wise words...I think everyone I read regularly has given me much to ponder over at one time or another.

I think its best to not over analyse your blog - write whatever you want and it will be whatever it is :)

Ches said...

I like that line you use, Dood, in your 2nd last paragraph.

'...realness. Something that's not academic or even something I could put in words, but that benefits me enormously. Something about the human spirit - about laughing, sharing, sorrow and connection.'

Very nice.

Damaria Senne said...

Like you, I write to editorial guidelines for my writing job, and my blog is a way to chat to people about's on my mind. I like what you said about blogging helping you clear your head. That's what it does for me.

I think blogging is a good thing for me. It has helped me to stretch my writing skills, so I'm not stuck on journalistic type writing and can do other types too.

In the past year, I've learnt to write pieces that generate discussions and how to develop quizzes and crossword puzzles; things I hadn't even know I could enjoy doing.

po said...

Good questions, when I started blogging I wanted to focus on writing really well, but I have gotten very lazy and now I don't even proofread properly,so possibly blogging is damaging my writing style. BUT I think writers need to write every single day to keep ideas and words flowing so in that respect it must be good for your job?

Jeanette said...

I often wonder whether I should give up my blogging too, and then something happens and there's no-one closeby to talk to about it... and then I start blogging again.
As for the people whose blogs I read... I read far too many :)

Helen said...

I started blogging as an outlet where I could write about things happening to me without having to worry about the consequences. Unfortunately too many people I know IRL read my blog now, so there are days when I wonder why I kepe writing.

I think it is good for my writing though, kind of like running on a treadmill - different to the street outside, but good to keep in training. I find 'real' writing, whie a lot more formal involves a vey simple hurdle. You sit down and stare at a blank screen and freeze... now I'm so used to writing about anything I find it easier to get started, even if it's rubbish it's easier to fix something than nothing!

And I love your blog, please don't stop writing!

Anonymous said...

I haven't a clue why I blog. I'd always wanted to but wasn't brave enough and thus asked my friend Kim to join me and it's just to write something for others to read because I have a fear of showing people what I can do. And writing is something I love. And reading- hence why I love other peoples blogs. Because I feel like its a place to sort of figure out people's characters because everyones a kind of round character and flat all at once. Also blogging is a way for me to be accountable for certain things that I tell my readers about so that I can report back... You know? My favourite part of blogging is the making of digital friends like I read American student blogs that I can relate to. You kinda get the notion that things are not as we believe them to be. And that people are interesting. It's a lot. And a completely outside ear doesn't hurt.

angel said...

I don't think I could stop blogging, or delete my blog. Its my therapy, and its where I share things that should be shared.