Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A post of lists

Things I did on the weekend:
  • Worked till midnight on Friday to finish my big freelance project.
  • Missed TSC.
  • Worked till 14h00 on Saturday to finish said project.
  • Had breakfast with the parentals, which was great.
  • Had coffee with a friend and discussed the possibility of hosting art classes in my garage.
  • Dyed the big white cotton rug my mom gave me. It's now dark brown and will match the lounge and hopefulyl be kitty pawprint proof. It was damn difficult to do on my own though - so heavy when it's wet! I'm amazed that I too am not dark brown to match the lounge.
  • Finished painting and decorating the coat rack we've made for our room.
  • Painted two canvases lilac to match the guest room. Added thickly painted branches and stuck on some velvety cherry blossom flowers to make a 3D work of art.
  • Missed TSC some more.
  • Bought my dad's birthday present.
  • Bought a pair of skinny jeans (finally).
  • Bought some new bras so I could chuck out the ancient falling-apart ones.
  • Blew my budget (see above).
  • Went to church.
  • Dreamt of hosting art classes in my garage.

Things I did on Monday:

  • Spent a frustrated half-day at work with no internet access.
  • Went home and worked to finish my big freelaance project.
  • Wrote a press release about programmable logic controllers. Coz I know so much about that stufff. Or not.
  • Tried not to freeze in the icy cold house.
  • Went for a piping hot supper and some good red wine with departed colleagues Icing and DK, which was awesome.
  • REALLY missed TSC.

Things on the list for today:

  • Say goodbye to latest departing colleague, JK.
  • Try not to freeze in the office (we have no heaters).
  • Have my hair cut (yay!).
  • Welcome TSC back.
  • Snuggle in a warm bed.
  • Discuss the possibility of hosting art classes in our garage.


Helen said...

Wow, new jeans, bras AND a haircut! You must be feeling all pretty :)

Being Brazen said...

cool lists. I still cant bring myself to buy skinny jeans...dont know why.

Damaria Senne said...

You got a lot done. Hopefully, big freelance project is now history, and you can relax a bit. Envious over your getting painting and decorating stuff done over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

ooh, you're also a crafty one!!! i love doing crafty stuff - i'd most likely be in heaven in a room filled with craft supplies! ;-)
didn't actually get to see your hair at bloggirls, so won't know what to compare the haircut to, but look forward to seeing it.

po said...

I would love to see your house with all the cool things you make in it, it sounds stunning!

Anonymous said...

art classes sound fab- sign me up first when you do. I'm struggling artistically.

Slyde said...

doesnt a day without internet access completely suck?

it drives me batty!

Caz said...

hey lady you have to post a pic of your handiwork - esp the coatrack and the canvases. I am intrigued!! (and not above plagiarising your originality!!)

sAm said...

WHAT?!?! A half day at work with no Internet??? I feel your pain.

angel said...

So what news on the art classes?