Thursday, 25 June 2009

Human again

Sorry for the extended absence. It turned out that I didn't have TSC's headcold, but a lovely case of gastric flu. The range of symptoms is impressive - from nausea to fever, diarrhoea, aches and pains, blocked sinus, headaches, coughing, dizziness and general misery... Fun.

At least it's not malaria. The doc did a blood test to check. I am such a baby with needles I was more scared of the jab than the possibility of malaria. At least the nurse was quick. She didn't even give me a chance to swoon ;-) And I tried a new doctor. My other one is lovely, but I feel like she just wants to put me on antibiotics everytime there's the slightest hint of a cold.

Today I feel a bit better. I can actually walk downstairs without holding the handrail and managed to sleep through the night with no rushing to the bathroom or sweating the sheets wet. Progress!

I am thoroughly bored of daytime TV though. What crap! Is it just me, or do all soap operas share one script-writer? I don't know the names of any of the characters, but the plots are pretty much identical.

At least I can think straight enough to do some work today. Sorting through emails... exciting stuff. I am more cheered by the thought that I can do some blogreading. Yay! Off to do that now.


Damaria Senne said...

welcome back to the land of the living.

Being Brazen said...

Glad you blogging and feeling a bit better *hugs*

Kitty Cat said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better and I also hate it when docs just throw anti-biotics at every sniffle. I had a cold now during my pregnancy and didn't take a thing (cos I couldn't) and it cleared up quicker than ever! Just shows you.

Enjoy your blog reading!

henno said...

Welcome back oh one of the near death experience. A little song to aid the recovery, perhaps?!

Thought so:

*When it's running down your legs like scrambled's diarroea....diarroea! When it's shooting from your bum like a bullet from a's...* and it goes on and on in that fashion :)

cybersass said...

oh dear! i'm so sorry! sounds like you've really been through the wringer. glad to hear you're finally feeling better.
and yes, day time tv shows ALL use the same scriptwriter! ;-)

Slyde said...

Your first paragraph got me all hot and horny.. is that weird?

Dash said...

welcome back, but I fear the real world may also be suffering from a bad case of the same script-writers.

THat will change when I am back home though...

Tamara said...

Damaria: Thanks - it's good to be back!

Brazen: Makes two of us... I missed it.

Kitty: Exactly!

Henno: Charming. Wait... you're not my brother in disguise, are you? ;-)

Cybersass: Thanks for clearing that up. I knew it!

Slyde: Yes. It is very weird. Disturbing, in fact!

Dash: I look forward to reading all about it!

angel said...

Ooer... gastro... *shudder*

Anonymous said...