Thursday, 27 January 2011

Pictures and apologies

I'm sorry. Again. I know I've totally sucked at blogging and reading everyone else's blogs this year so far. I've been distracted. TSC's job hunting and frustration at the lack of availability of civil engineering posts suitable for him have sort of taken centre stage of our little world.

In fact, the job issue has pretty much taken over everything at the moment. He can't think of anything else. And seeing he's at home, where I work, that filters into my headspace too. By diffusion maybe?

Anyway, I could write loads about that. But it's depressing me, so I thought I'd share some pics from the holiday, which already seems light years away.

First, presents:

A Dassie, for Po:

(Shot at Augrabies National Park in the Northern Cape)

A Lizard for Helen:

(Also at Augrabies)

A a Kokerboom / Quiver tree for everyone else, because I think they're beautiful plants:

(Shot on TSC's family's farm in southern Namibia)

A really interesting flower, for anyone who can tell me what it is:

(Also at Augrabies)

And a pink bicycle on a pink wall, because we have to maintain the mood of madness on this blog:

(Shot at Die Pienk Padstal outside Kakamas in the Northern Cape)

More to follow, I promise!


po said...

EEEEEEE!!!!! A dassie! You rock! Hiya Tamara, I have been back for a few days now but I feel like I got hit over the head with a hammer so I am avoiding blogging til later :)

thanks for the dassie.

Shayne said...


Wondered where you had been.

Sorry to hear that your other half is not walking right inot a job - shew the job market is a pretty crap place huh?

Lovely lovely pics - specially the pink bicycle!

Being Brazen said...

great dassie picture. Dassies crack me up.

Love the pink picture too

Damaria Senne said...

sorry job hunting is very frustrating. hopefully, TSC will find something soon. (so we can get our Tam back, please God :-)

I love the shot of TSC's family's farm.

Damaria Senne said...

sorry job hunting is very frustrating. hopefully, TSC will find something soon. (so we can get our Tam back, please God :-)

I love the shot of TSC's family's farm.

Anonymous said...

the pink bicycle is adorable. so so cute. glad you're back and organised.

Helen said...

yay! a lizard! For me? Thanks you so much! I can't wait to read about all of your adventures! Were the falls flooding yet when you were there? I've heard its been quite hectic!

Anonymous said...

You're NOT forgiven:P

Jeanette Verster said...

the job hunt process is soul destroying... hope he finds something soon.
As for your photos... LOVE the lizard... and that pink bike is stunning!

Hayley said...

Love that bicycle :-)

I can so feel you pain about the job hunting, we had the same situation last year. And i know you might want to slap me when I say this...but it really does all work out...promise ;-)

Tamara said...

Po: you are ever so welcome. Thought of you as soon as I saw him :-)

Shayne: Ja, since the world cup, civil is really quiet!

Brazen: They are funny things, dassies. Crack me up too.

Damaria: From your lips to God's ears!

Paula: Organised? What?!

Helen: Pleasure :-) It wasn't flooding then. Couldn't believe the pics that were taken a mere few weeks after we were there. Scary stuff!

Ruby: Hey - play nice!

Jeanette: Tell me about it! It's driving me nuts, nevermind him :-)

Hayley: Thank you! I believe you. It's just frustrating while we wait.

Angel said...

I LOVE the bicycle picture!
I am battling to keep up with my blog reading, especially now that I no longer spend the majority of my day in front of my laptop... I try to read and play catch-up on a blog or two every day, and by the time I've read everything its time to start again!