Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Family, Formula One and irrational fear

While everyone else is rushing madly towards the end of 2010, my work has quietened down a bit as editors wrap up the last bits and pieces for Jan / Feb and even March editions. I've still got enough to keep me going, and it's actually lovely to have time to breathe again.

I've been making jewellery like crazy for this Sat. (as always, give me a shout if you want to come along to shop or sell). Starting to get scared about it. This is the third year that I've run a Christmas jewellery open house and every year I stress like crazy because there are other people involved and where there are people, there are complications. Last year I had a few sellers let me down. I'd advertised that they would be selling various things, and then people were disappointed when they didn't turn up. I've also had lots of no-shows from people who promised to pop in for a look-see, and then I worried that it wasn't fair on the sellers who were expecting a better crowd.

This year, I've been quite blase about the whole thing. If people don't show, that's their problem. I haven't made promises to anyone, so whomever turns up, awesome.

But I'm still stressed. I want the people who are selling their stuff to do well (last year's crowd all seemed to do ok, except the friend selling lingerie, because nobody wanted to be seen purchasing. But everyone took her business card and she got some sales in afterwards). And I want to do well because my jewellery sales determine my holiday spending cash and what I can afford to shell out on gifts.

Thankfully, my mother bought a whole bunch of jewellery from me this weekend for Christmas gifts and it came to the exact amount that I had spent on materials. I went to my fave bead place yesterday and got more glass beads, some beautiful pendants and a bracelet display unit, so I've got to pay that lot back, but from there on it's all profit.

Anyway, jewellery aside, it was a great weekend. My uncle and his boyfriend are in SA for a bit, visiting from Kuwait, so we did a big family supper at one of my favourite Pretoria restaurants, Smoke Cafe and Grill Lounge. I knew it was my type of restaurant the first time I saw that they place the dessert menu first so you can plan ahead ;-)

I had the Chicken Byzantine, which is chicken breast stuffed with fig, lemon and feta in a light cream chicken jus with fresh rosemary and garlic (no - didn't remember that off by heart. Had to copy/paste it from the menu) and TSC and I shared the nougat ice-cream for dessert. Yum on both counts!

Sunday's Formula One race was the second last of the season, and although Red Bull Racing tied up the Constructors' Championship, with one race to go, the Drivers' Championship is still wide open with four contenders ready to fight for the trophy this coming week.

In between family, jewellery and Formula One, TSC and I prepped the remainder of our veggie haul from Fruit and Veg City - almost 5kg of carrots and 5g of tomatoes - for freezer storage. We now have rows of neatly packed bags of steamed carrot portions and tubs of tomato puree, so if we're flat broke in January (usually the case), we can always live on carrot and tomato soup ;-)

Off to buy some labels for the jewellery now. I've run out, which made me happy seeing it means I've got more stock than I expected.

Two pics of flowers in my mom's garden. Not sure what they're called, but thought they were both very pretty...


dbawiw said...

Your industriousness makes me feel incredibly lazy. My carrots and tomatoes would have rotted by now and I would have thrown them away (if I got around to opening my vegetable drawer in the fridge, that is). Whew!

Hayley said...

Oh wow, you have been busy. Good luck with the sales!

po said...

If I was in Joburg I would buy your jewellery. Do you run an Etsy page?

Kris said...

Love that flower in the piece. I can see the inspiration in those flowers!

Damaria Senne said...

good luck with the open house

Slyde said...

those flowers are gorgeous!

and yes, im fully aware that made me sound quite gay :)

Anonymous said...

I'm really annoyed at myself that I'm going to miss your open house again! If there's any left next week please give me a shout so that I can come have a look too?

Tamara said...

dbawiw: I've kind of run out of steam now and the beetroot is sitting there, growing old and limp.

Hayley: Thanks!

Po: No, I've been considering it, but it seems like a lot of upkeep. Maybe in the new year.

Kris: Thanks - when I saw the flower clasp, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

Damaria: Thank you! Your friend said she might pop in, which would be nice.

Slyde: That's ok, dude. You've said far worse on your blog ;-)

louisa123: Wish you could come, but would love you to come see the remainders, just for an excuse to catch up!

Angel said...

Wow! You are a busy bee!!