Friday, 15 February 2008

Post-valentine poem

On 14 Feb the world turns red
With hearts and ruby wine.
Come 15 Feb the rumpled bed
Bared of sweet Valentine.

One day a year the florists cheer,
The gift shops make their play,
So men can leer and shed no tear
As they have the girls their way.

Bought for a bit of heart-shaped sweet,
A candle or a frame,
The silly girls, like fresh-cut meat
Join in this silly game.

And when, at last, they wake to shame,
Conveniently they lay the blame.

This poem has absolutely nothing to do with my Valentine's Day. Hubby and I had a lovely champagne and sushi picnic, perfect and relaxed. But I do remember back to highschool days, when we'd send roses to the boys' school and vice versa. The boys just wanted to hook up and the girls just wanted to not be alone on Valentine's day. I wrote this poem thinking about how grateful I am that I'm not still in that cycle!

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Lesley said...

Great poem! I came to visit your blog to thank you for your kind comments on mine earlier - I hope your scrapbooking goes well! It is great fun!