Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Slideshow all in order (at last)!

I am as happy as a small amphibian in a large predator-free lily pond - I have finally sorted out the slideshow so that it is actually showing my photos. The others that it was showing were admittedly much prettier, but I did feel like a bit of a plagiarist (albeit an unknowing one, seeing I have no idea who the pics belong to or why they ended up on my little blog).

Now I can sleep at night. If my vacuum-obsessed neighbour, snoring husband and and crazy cats shut up, that is. The house sounds like some eery percussion band at night. A bit like the song from Triplets of Bellville, actually.

Well, toodle-doo for now. Be blogging again soon. Unless I die of sleep deprivation.


KreativeMix said...

lol---------i used to be a vacuum obsessed neighbor :-)

Caz* said...

Maybe because of my hair color, or the fact that the organization i work for is so paranoid about any "foreign" or "non-financial" blog-spot - BUT - the sideshow is not responding?


Absolutely love your writing!! Have i said that before?? :-)

KreativeMix said...

i love the way you emphasized "REally" small business on my blog. You're right, nothing beats that personal touch you get when you shop small biz. btw, i think i'm going to vacuum soon. its all your fault :-)

Tamara said...

Caz... It's that damn web marshall. Really needs to get a girlfriend. Yes, I do know it's not a REAL person.

KreativeMix... If I so much as hear the sound of the vacuum cleaner being switched on upstairs, guess who I'll be thinking of? That's right - you.